The problem with Guilt: A Luciferians perspective

One of the collective shadows of humanity is the shadow of guilt, in Shadownomicon, it is the shadow woman who most strongly resonates and feeds on the shadow of guilt.

Let us take a deep dive into this shadow of guilt, and tease out whatever magickal, mystical secrets it has.

The biggest thing about guilt is that guilt is often a way for us to put off action. A way for us to punish ourselves into apathy. Guilt takes the problem, and allows us to internalize is, making it all about us, and not about the situation or the individual who we hurt or otherwise feel responsible for.

Guilt is often false, it is not even always about something we are responsible for.

It is not your fault that strangers suffer!  Why would anyone feel guilty about having enough food to eat while others starve? Is there anything you can really do that you haven't already done?  The food on your plate is thousands of miles from the mouths of the hungry. The number of those who hunger even nearer to your table far outnumber you, and you know that you cannot feed them all... So why suffer at all? This suffering is a selfish emotion... If you truly cared about those people, you would not suffer, you would simply act and know that action was enough. you would donate to the food bank, you would go and hand out food, you would organize fundraisers, you would educate people on how to find work or extend their food dollars.

But instead, some people would prefer to sit and wallow in suffering.

The same applies to the racial divide in this country, and really this divide is almost entirely the fault of those who feel the most guilt about it right now. For it is they who are making it into a crisis which is making people uncomfortable enough to avoid reaching across the divide to solve.

I know for a fact that the number of actual legit RACISTS as portrayed in the mind of the average person (white supremacists, neo-Nazis, black supremacists, and so on), is a tiny minority compared to people who's only real racial sin is apathy or ignorance.

And yet we are led to believe that we should all feel guilt and shame, and hatred for our homeland and its history because racist people exist.

Racist people will always exist... It is born out of a tribalistic instinct in humanity to fear the outsider, the other, the tribe over the hill. The more different we look or act, the more inclined we are to instinctively question and fear. Not all of us mind you, I and probably many of you are the sorts of people who see different cultures and races and spiritual entities and reach out to them to make friends with them, to learn about them. I find that to be the far superior instinct, but it is not at all inhuman to be cautious either. For every one of us who would go ride out and meet that alien on their spaceship, we need a few who hang back and keep their sights trained on the Aliens big bubblehead to make sure, just in case, we got them covered.

But this instinct gets turned into something else. It becomes irrational very quickly, and so it becomes an ingrained institution of human nature to be divisive, and tribal and thus racist.

As a Luciferian, I do not judge the racist from a moralistic perspective. I see them as weak, as unethical, as mentally damaged. But I understand them, and why they think the way they do.

But they are not really the problem, Not anymore, they aren't the ones who control policy.

Right now, the people who cause the most harm, are the ones who feel guilty that those people exist, or once had power. The people who feel guilty about never having any real friends from a different race, the people who spent their whole lives in an insular community or family. The ones who have the money and the ignorance to think that just because they are white, they are somehow responsible or guilty for the actions of all whiteness everywhere throughout time.

In a very real way, these people are the ones who are "racist" because they firmly believe that race is a factor in how people "should" be treated, all the while proclaiming that racism is wrong.

I said it before, and I will say it again, the average person is not guilty of real racism, but rather Apathy and ignorance. The average white person is neither racist and bigoted, nor are they guilt-ridden. They just don't really care, and that apathy leads to ignorance. they have their own problems, their own lives, and when the guilt-ridden people come knocking to tell them they should also feel guilt for their "privilege" they resent and resist this. Rightfully pointing out they have never taken part in any of the racism.

Notice how even the term "Privilege" is designed to instill a sense of guilt in the person it is applied to.

This guilt, or in this particular case "White guilt" has created a movement of people who would destroy themselves, rather than heal and move on.

This guilt gives them the excuse to hate themselves, and despite what some people believe, hating the self is just as, if not more egoistic than selfishly loving the self exclusively.

If you hate yourself, you do not know who and what you truly are, you do not recognize that you are everything, that you are time, space, god and everything and nothing. You are me and I am you. Because if you knew all that about yourself, you would know that you can be anything you want to be, you can change your story any time you want.

Karma isn't inevitable justice, it is movement, it is motion, and you can change your Karma instantly just by acknowledging and changing your relationship to yourself.

This self-hate becomes the very toxic "SJW" movement. A mind virus that uses the very rational and necessary virtues of tolerance and seeking to end racism, and morphs it into self-destructive hate. This hate only widens the gap.

Instead of showing people common ground, it only lays more blame and gives people something to virtue signal about, rather than actually make a real change or difference.

The cure for racism is familiarity and gradual integration, yet the solution that is more and more forcefully heaped on the world by the SJW movement is more division, shame, and self-guilt.

I know I am targetting the SJW right now so far, but they are not really the focus, nor the only example of this I would point out.

The Xtians are well known for their guilt complex, and the churches are filled with these people. People who compete with one another in a very subtle game, where they try to be more pious and humble than anyone else. If you pay attention to the people in the church who get the most respect, they are almost invariably the ones who have the most apparent guilt. The former addict who found god. The former criminals. The reformed Satanists...

Jesus saved me from my self and my original sin, and now I am eternally grateful and free of shame. Oooh laaah tii daa.

As great as that might sound, the problem is, you are probably still in denial. You believed you were flawed and thought only God could fix you. But you were the one who invoked "god" to fix you. You were the one who took the guilt and used it to make the whole universe revolve around YOU feeling better about yourself.

Did you stop being a criminal robbing people because you suddenly grew an empathy bone and decided to stop hurting people? Or because you learned that you would be destined for hell if you didn't change?

Look at all the missionaries who went out into the world, finding native cultures without a sense of spiritual guilt whatsoever, and instilled in them, by force in many cases, the guilt of original sin and the threat of eternal hellfire...

Did it improve those cultures or did it make them just as insane as the colonizing missionary culture instead? Did the missionary feel any guilt over this? Or did they simply feel a sense of relief for their own feeling of guilt and inadequacy in the eyes of their god?

And this is the universal constant of guilt... While it does sometimes lead to short term positive changes in behavior (I would argue very rarely are these long term positives)... it rarely changes or solves the fundamental problems, or the long term issues. The source of the issues and problems.

Guilt is always about how WE feel about ourselves. If we do good based on our sense of guilt, we are not really doing good, we are instead seeking a way to feel better about ourselves. Not really to benefit others.

Guilt is a toxic emotion and must be purged or it festers and creates movements.  I suppose in short term scenarios, situations where we perhaps insult someone or accidentally do harm to someone, it seems as if it serves as a useful emotion to inspire us to make amends and repair our social fabric... But do we NEED guilt to do that? Why guilt and not simply ethical responsibility?

The way of Lucifer is often compared to the way of the Stoic, a way of life that is not based on the emotional attachment to an issue, but the liberated intention behind it that becomes rational action along a rational line of reason and decision making. And in this case, to deny repentance, to deny salvation, to declare and accept that we are all divine already, there is no flaw, no deviance from design. Our apathy and Ignorance is not a thing to be ashamed of and can only be corrected by sincere choice and reason. But never by guilt and shame, because the goal of such actions stops being about change, and about feeling less guilt instead! Our racism is to be corrected not by self-hate and self laothing, but by acceptance and ethical shifts in behavior based on reason. Our original sin is not to be forgiven, but to be laughed at as the mind control lie that it is, and whatever sin we are "guilty" of is to be faced head-on as a part of who we are, and changed only because it is ethical and serves us to change it.

For instance, I am NOT a thief, though I have stolen and may yet steal again.  I am NOT a vampire, though I have taken energy that was not mine and may take energy again. I am NOT murderer though I have killed (animals in this case just in case the FBI is watching LOL) and may hunt again. I am NOT a racist though I have done bigoted things and may say or do racist tor bigoted things again. I am not a sinner, though I have committed what others call sin, and fully intend on committing more of them before my life is done.

My point is, I acknowledge those truths about myself, and do not take upon me the shameful title of those things, or if I do, I wear them with pride and do not fear the guilt and consequence.

I have stolen, and will likely steal again... In the mind of the average person makes me a thief. I have said Racist things and thought racist thoughts and likely will again, and I challenge anyone to deny the same about themselves. Yet in the eyes of the SJW, someone who feels great guilt and shame for that same truth about them, I am a hopeless racist despite in my heart bearing no real such sentiment and a deep desire to heal the racial divide once and for all.  But who among you has never stolen anything? Who among you has never sinned?  Who among you has never said or thought a racist or bigoted thing?

Jesus asked this while writing on the wall protecting a whore from being stoned... "Let he among you who has no sin cast the first stone." And it is said that upon the wall he wrote the sins of each person present.

This is one of the parts of the bible I still appreciate... If you read between the lies, it is a very Luciferian moment. It was sadly Twisted into submissive service to Yahweh... Instead of begging forgiveness from God, or feeling guilty that Jesus might write our name and a list of sins upon the wall, all we had to do was recognize the whore as human like us, and no more guilty of anything than anyone, and that guilt itself is a failed system of control. The message was one of love, love of SELF and this self-love by extension becomes tolerance and love of others. Yet the Xtians turn it into a story of repentance and repression, only furthering the damage of guilt.

What is forgiveness really, other than the absolution of Guilt and the consequences of what we are guilty of? Is not the new testament nothing more than a ritual sacrifice of a supposed avatar of god cleansing us all of our guilt and the punishment we are told we deserve if we just have the courage to ask?

But if we are truly guilty, how dare we ask for it? If we are truly guilty do we not become unworthy of forgiveness? As in the old Testament? Only the redeemable can be absolved of guilt. Logically the redeemable are not in fact guilty of anything other than guilt itself. For they are NOT the ones who committed the sin... The truth is that person is gone now! So salvation is self-acceptance, the sinner recognizes they are a new being. Which is a step in the right direction... But it is still flawed as it puts that salvation external to the self. It denies the fundamental fact that all is change, all is flux and the person we are right now, is not the same person we were even a split second before.

We live only in the present moment, the person we think we once were ceased existing the moment it was experienced.

You are no longer the child who once stole that piece of candy from the store.

You are not now the person who gave in to anger yesterday and treated someone unfairly.

You are not even now the person who 10 seconds ago might have committed the most heinous of acts imaginable.

And yet, because we are all one, each of us is a murderer, a rapist, a bigot, an asshole... Always and forever.

The Xtian God claims to be this alpha and omega, and it feels no guilt whatsoever despite designing and permitting all these things. And even in their warped religion, they hint at the fact that we are all god... or "Of god."  Most Xtians are pantheists and don't even know it. And if that is true, there is no sin... No real need for guilt... For if God is without sin, and is yet all that is... And we are god, or of god... how can we have sinned?

Does this mean we should forgive all trespasses, and never lock people in prison or defend ourselves or avoid toxic bad people, etc?

Of course not, that is taking the point too far, for many people cannot change, they are sick, demented, or deserve repercussions if for no other reason than to make others think twice, knowing that fate could befall them. But more so because we know it can or will happen again and it is not our place to tolerate toxic experiences.

Remember, the Luciferian does not seek to change the world, only liberate the self.  While it may be utopia to liberate the world as we aim to do for ourselves, that would not be liberation... That would be creating and forcing the world to be in our own image. A world that desperately wants to be guilty and unhappy. Why change that world that hates you, when you can change your own much more easily?

If I tell you that it is a better way to be, to live guilt-free and not blame yourself for your past and to move on. It is not because the world should adopt a policy of forgiveness or brotherly love and tolerance. It is not because you should suddenly deny your own responsibility for your actions and be a kite without a string... If you steal you must face the consequences, if you are a bigot, you must accept the responsibility for your intolerance and how it harms your world and thus harms yourself.

You must stop seeing yourself as the victim and recognize you are part and parcel of the problem. But you must also see that guilt does not fix that problem, it prolongs and deepens it.

You see absolution of guilt, to the uninitiated sounds like being irresponsible, but it is quite the opposite, without "guilt" you will have no alternative but to adjust your behavior by choice and ethics instead. Because Guilt will no longer give you an excuse to virtue signal instead of actually make a difference. for all the suffering Guilt causes, Guilt is a numbing agent, it keeps us from the bigger pain of change and responsibility!

Because guilt is ultimately selfish. Seeking not to change the problem that causes the pain, but a way to end the pain of guilt itself... And humans are lazy and like to take the lazy way out always.

Instead of denying that selfishness, a Luciferian embraces it and sees that making the world a better place is always a selfish goal, the energy is better spent on changing the self. And in that way perhaps making the world better in the process. Pretending to feel guilt is selfish to the point of inaction and apathy or extreme reaction, whatever makes you "Feel" better. But it doesn't make YOU better.

This guilt-free way is the best way for some of you because it will serve YOU to see the truth in this and adjust yourself accordingly based on stoic reason and rational ethics, not emotion. To not allow others with guilty consciouses to manipulate you into abdicating your power, and thus the responsibility of your own experience to the monstrous amorphous shadow of Guilt. A shadow that will always take on a shape that looks the most like you and always find some new thing to be ashamed of.

The Shadow Woman is just one such visage, and despite my depiction of her in Shadownomicon as being a woman, if you see her for what and who she really is, just as looking in the mirror, she will always look like you...

- Mind the shadows... 

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