The following books have been published by D.H. Thorne.


This is the first book I have written and was written to be one of the most complete and functional books of magick on the market. It contains everything that you could need to begin a magickal practice, answering the most fundamental questions of both magick in general and my own interpretations of Demonic or infernal Theurgy. 

The book begins with Foundation, this section is useful to practitioners of every level of skill and outlines the fundamental metaphysics of magick from a philosophical perspective accessible to all. These metaphysics are based on a fusion of all Nondualistic, Monist, Neoplatonist, Hermetic, Gnostic, Vedic, and other similarly compatible esoteric schools of thought.

These essays and chapters will be useful and interesting for practitioners of all skill levels. 

The chapter on the Holistic Trinity of self is perhaps the most unique and original magickal paradigm to be proposed in many years and can be applied to virtually any tradition. 

The book continues with Methodology, in this section, I give you the basic tools and explanations of the most basic skills a sorcerer needs to properly perform a ritual, the basics of meditation, energy manipulation, scrying, and much more, with simple plain English suggestions and examples. 

The old grimoires left these basic things out, telling the operator little more than a set of incantations and ritual symbols, without information on how to properly interact with them with intonation, visualization, energy manipulation, and many other subtle skills that a practitioner should have mastered to do the best possible magick.

The book ends with the Pathworking section. This part of the book contains enough initiatory rituals and example rituals to get the average student off and running in plain English. These rituals are simple but powerful and show the reader how they can take the fundamental formula of ritual and alter it to suit their purposes.

The book is 255 pages, nearly 160K words, 10x8 inches, available in Paperback and Kindle.


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SHADOWNOMICON: Grimoire of the Shadow people

Shadownomicon: Grimoire of the Shadow People, is the first and only viable and authentic grimoire dedicated not only to the study and documentation of Shadow People, but also contains a complete initiatory system of magick and communion to be used with this current.

The Shadow People are quite simply, one of the most, if not THE most powerful forces in the human experience, being deeply connected to the Jungian shadow, but externalized as supernatural beings which sometimes grow powerful enough to be seen even by the naked eye.

This book is for everyone, but only those who are truly ready should embark on the rituals and workings contained within, these beings are not like any other god or demon, they are a part of us all, and there are NO effective banishings for your own shadows... Once you stare into the abyss long enough, the abyss stares back. It IS you...

These beings yearn to be reunited with us, either by devouring and consuming us, influencing and feeding off of us vampirically. Or by our integration of them into us, recognizing our own shadow and ceasing the struggle we have with it.

If you feel drawn to this work if Legions Eye on the cover gazes into your soul and you know it is time to face your true nature... It is time to look in this book for some clues and direction.

Ascension REQUIRES integration of the shadow, and there are many safe and effective ways of doing this. But Shadownomicon offers a much more blunt and direct method, and in the process, we can learn to work with these beings and use them for magick.


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The Infernal Vampire Handbook. 

The first of D.H. Thorne's smaller Grimoires, this book details his practices of Infernal Vampiric Magick, complete with his explanation of what Vampirism is, and how to apply that knowledge in both ritual practice, and Energy manipulation.

There are many books illustrating the fantastic and fictional nature of Vampirism. 

However, there are very few that properly, rationally, and unapologetically focus on its sinister left-hand path magickal applications. In “The Infernal Vampire Handbook,” D.H. Thorne explores the metaphysical plausibility of what Vampirism is, how it works, and what a Vampire really is.

He instructs the reader on essential practices, rituals, and even vampiric initiatory rites with the Sanguine Mother, Lilith. All of this is from the perspective of a man who was part of the cultural awakening of the vampire subculture that took place in the 1990s. The era when the Vampire was established as more than a myth, but a kind of Otherkin.

Dare to explore this book to learn how one need not even be a “Vampire” to use these elegant and practical techniques. To begin feeding upon the life force of others. To learn ways to initiate yourself with the Sanguine Mother, and execute vampiric astral attacks, and much more.

This book has something for the newly awakened vampire, the curious, and the experienced esoteric truth-seeker alike.



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