The Magickal Rapist - Love spells

It's time someone said it (again if they said it already) - Don't be a Rapist!

If you really think magick can make someone "love you" by undermining or bending the targets will to make them love you. And you go ahead and do that... Then IMHO you are no different than a Rapist. In my mind, there is little difference between you and sick pervert holding a gun to someone head and raping them with the threat of death.

If you ever seriously  ask me for such a spell (the will bending kind), I just might send a baneful blast your way... just for fun mind you, not out of a sense of justice or morality or anything, I just need to get back into practice cursing people that is all, and I personally don't like you, so you are a much better target than, say... the guy who forgot to put ketchup on my burger... and heaven help you, if you are one in the same.

Now... in all honesty - Love spells, IMHO don't actually work quite like that. Not in the DIRECT way some people think. Your magick won't override their will... Your magick will change the situation and the circumstances and the chemicals in peoples brains to influence them to see you in a favorable light, OR it will make you more attractive by way of increasing your charisma or sex appeal ETC.

Now, some of you might be asking "What's the difference." Well, on the surface, not so much. If the magick works, you get the object of your affection. If it doesn't you might not, or you might anyway.

The difference is, one would be a miracle, the other would be serendipity and synchronicity.

Keep in mind, that bending the will of another person directly is absurd. Even if you are not a nondualist like me, then you likely believe all humans have some version of free will, which means even god can't do it. Nor can any demon. Nor can any human.

So get the idea of bending peoples will to yours out of your head... It doesn't work that way.

Where Magickal Rapists live.   

What does work is magick influence, the same way you can influence someone in mundane ways to do what you want, you can use magick to influence them to do what you want.

This is NOT the same thing as the kind of silly love spells people normally think they want where it just makes the person lose their free will and makes them love you no matter what.

So... Let's get something cleared up. Magick doesn't do miracles... often. I won't say never, because I have seen them. I have seen things that should not be possible. But it's rare. And even if you are butt buddies with Beelzebub himself, chances are, he's not going to waste his energy on parlor tricks, just to make reality jump. When instead he can knock down a domino, that will lead to the outcome you want. Why move heaven and earth and defy the laws of nature, when you can work within the natural laws and get the result you want?

So, Normally, even high functioning magick takes the path of least rational resistance. It will align you with your goals and it is up to you to pull the trigger.

Sometimes, magick's power is so subtle that it can be valid to ask - Why bother? Why not just work hard and hope for the best?

Speaking from experience, magick's influence on outcomes and situations should never be underestimated. Magick, even when a spell fails, can have psychological and emotional advantages, giving us catharsis, and closure to some issues. Sometimes we cast a baneful spell, and dump all our hate and anger into it, and we believe so firmly that it will fuck the person up we hate, that we finally let go of our obsession to hate them, and in the end... we get what we want, an end of the pain of that person in our life.

But what about love? Can magick REALLY make someone love you?

Well... first off, without getting too lost in the weeds with a philosophical examination of what love really is, let's just say that Yes and no.

Magick cannot MAKE LOVE APPEAR like out of thin air. Magick, be it demonic, or otherwise, can only create situations that make it possible, or even likely to happen naturally.

This is why almost all love magick fails.

Hell, this is why most people can't do much with magick at all, they have the wrong expectations and don't understand the path magick takes to cause manifestation.

If you cast a REALLY REALLY good love spell, then what will happen is, the magick or entities involves will create for you a series of events which will (over time), set up that perfect moment where the object of your desire sees you as a potential mate or fuck buddy or whatever. It will set up that magick evening of dancing, music, booze, emotional context etc so that when she looks you in the eye in the moonlight, all you have to do is pull the trigger and she will be in love with you.

But ultimately SHE (or he of course), is in control. THEY choose to love you or not.

And magick cannot make every single target fall in love with you... at least not unless you already got the ingredients simmering and you select your targets carefully.

So, chances are, you aren't going to be able to manipulate everyone you meet, you will instead need to look for potential mates that are susceptible.

This is exactly like how it is with hypnosis, only a certain portion of the population is susceptible to involuntary hypnosis, and despite being hypnotizable, they still have free will and can deny your will any time they want.

So if you are a player, and you are targeting women or men who already have a thing for you, you can easily use magick to close the deal. Without any doubt... this is where magick shines. And I personally feel this isn't unethical at all.

It's the magick equivalent to wearing sexy clothes and the right perfume etc.

But if you are some mouth breathing cunt of a basement dwelling bastard, who never bathes and has a hard time getting out of their computer chair because they are morbidly obese.

And they try to use magick to force some attractive, healthy person to fuck you... despite finding you disgusting... chances are you will be wasting your time... And if it does work... well congratulations, you are a magickal rapist. I bet your mom would be so proud...

Instead, such a person could use magick to win that person's heart, IF they structure the magick so that it helped THEM become the kind of person the target found irresistible. Maybe Belial, for example, to make you go to the gym and stop being a fat fuck? Maybe King Paimon to help you network that job that will buy you the pussy magnet car?

So in the end, let's summarize -

Fact - Magick typically does NOT break the laws of nature. IT can bend them from time to time, but never (almost never) to the point where a scientist would look at the situation and say - WTF? That's impossible!

Instead, magick works following the path of least rational resistance. you will be determined to have amazing luck, by the aforementioned scientist. But the laws of nature will be satisfied. You'd be like that guy who was the survivor of some sick accident where you should be dead but you made that .0000001% chance dice roll that saved your life. You'd be like that guy who won the lotto 3 times.

You would be that guy who just knows what to wear, how to dress, and what do and say to be irresistible to women. That guy who attracts pussy like an open can of tuna in a back alley which is home to a clowder of feral cats.

Fact - Love magick works best on easy targets. OR the self.

Fact - Magick cannot really make people do things against their will, but it can make them change their minds in accordance with their will (see you in a better light by improving you and your circumstances or making them have experiences that make you look better somehow).

Fact - If you COULD bend peoples wills directly, and used that power for love or sex... Or would be willing to do so... You are a Magickal rapist. And while some demons might be ok with helping you with that... Most of the time, I have it on good authority they really prefer to trick people like you and run you through the wringer of "personal growth through hardship."

Fact- If you COULD bend someone's will to make them love you, it's not real love, it's something else.

Mind the shadows - D.H. THORNE


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