Occultism - Some things are NOT to be known.

(inspired by my recent communion with Ba'al and subsequent gnosis, I have spent almost every waking moment researching things I was taking for granted all this time - and this is my current state of mind - thus, it will evolve)

Yesterday (at the time of this first draft) I was working with Ba'al, and among the many fragments of Gnosis I got from him, was the statement -

Some things are NOT to be known. 

I got this in response to my continual questioning about the origin of the being Ba'al, Bael, Child Sacrifice, and so on.

The emotion that came with it was one of both mystery, warning, and challenge.

It was not a statement that said - You can't know. Or it is NOT known.  It is, not TO BE known, in other words, we are not supposed to know.

This was perhaps the most important piece of revelation I think in that entire transmission, and the rabbit hole of inspired synchronistic research that has followed since yesterday has led me down dizzyingly complex hallways of a labyrinth of myth and legend, conjecture and lies, and misinformation.  Of burned history (fucking Abrahamists), and demonized gods.

I know now that the real meaning of that sentence I channeled was essentially the more accurate Definition of the word OCCULT.  Which technically means hidden, but that doesn't give the right emphasis, it's not just hidden and secret, it's borderline forbidden.  Because knowledge is power.

It reminds me of the missionaria protectiva in the book Dune.  Essentially the Bene Gesserit sisterhood would implant things into "primitive religions" to sow the seeds for a later Bene Gesserit to come along and fulfill the prophesies etc and take over the culture or religion and so on.  This was used by the main characters mother to help Paul take on the persona of Mahdi, or Messiah basically of the Fremen.

Oh how I love Dune, Herbert really was a genius...

Now, part of that process is the secret occulted truth about the things that are inserted into the religions.  In other words, someone, somewhere at some point in history, knows or at least KNEW the truth about the origin of the messiahs legend, the origin of the devil and so on.

This knowledge may be lost to time, burned in fires (shakes a fist at Abrahamists again - though they didn't always use fire, and it wasn't always just them doing it). It may be overwritten, it may be obscured by new stories and forgotten by cultures who abandon outdated ways of thinking.

It is clear for example that nearly every religion bases itself on the spiritual deification of nature in some way.  Suns become gods, Animals become spiritual ancestors and so on.   And it if enough time passes, it is unrealistic to expect anyone to know the truly primitive source of anything beyond vague association.  So I do not expect to find the prime source in history.

But what we do see, is a lot of the entities we work within the art of Demon sorcery, and the religions of paganism etc.  They are all befuddled, altered, and otherwise tainted by the various forces I described above.  And what we are left with is a collection of overlapping archetypes, figures, aspects, and personalities that sometimes blend and mix, and other times make no sense.

As an armchair student of history, and more inclined to study sociology and anthropology on some level, this doesn't shock me in the slightest.  If we examine even the beliefs of modern culture, and the heroes who we enjoyed as characters on shows, or the personalities we felt were active in our lives, the memes we found most important, we would find that for the most part, we are ignorant of a vast majority of them, and what we do know about them is sketchy and often changed by time.

For example, I grew up watching Star Trek, I know virtual every episode of the Original Series by heart, I can tell you what episode it is, sometimes within seconds of glancing at the screen.  But even I got shocked to learn that Kirk never once said - "Beam me up, Scotty." I even know what that kirks middle name was Tiberius, but I never knew that...

So my point here is, imagine, even if we didn't have intentional obfuscation of facts going on, how unlikely it would be for us to have an accurate folklore and history of any kind.

So... One thing that is clear from all this is that somewhere in the distant past, a God named XYZ didn't appear to the primitive peoples in a specific rigid way and say - "Worship me like this!" and then throughout history bade his followers get it right.

If that is the case, every god is pretty impotent, as they have all changed dramatically with time.  Changing names, changing practices, genders and more.

More likely, these entities appeared to the ancient peoples, much as they do to us today, in dreams, in visions, in the occasional drug-induced hallucination etc, and inspired us.  Inspired us to seek them out.  And in that seeking, they inspired us to understand them in our own PERSONAL ways, and form visions of their aspects and archetypes.

It is entirely more likely, that these beings are not at all limited as we often think of them as being.  Indeed, they are likely nothing like we imagine, they might, in fact, be unimaginable... (this would be really likely if they do indeed, exist in another spatial dimension from us, as talked about in THIS article, and again in THIS article)

So it is likely wrong to assume they have a fixed physical form, and thus instead they are more flexible than that because they have no form that we can describe. They have no true names, or at least, none they can make us understand.

They are nebulous beings of the astral realm, the fourth spatial dimensions, the spaces in between, and the astral realm is a place of ideas, not rigid substance, the 4th spatial dimension and the spaces in between are directions unimaginable to our minds. 

The astral world is a place where every possible variation of an idea can exist at the same time.  Every kind of tree, every kind of god, every kind of star, every kind of dog.  Etc.  It is a place that is an empty form.  It is a kind of "shape" but is void, it has no substance, only form, and the forms are nebulous and often contradictory.

In the spaces in between, it is possible that mundane shapes and forms we see in the 3d world,  are vast arrays of shapes in the 4th spatial dimension, complete with new physics, and ideas that only partially intersect with our reality, perhaps due to it being on such a small scale, or obscure angle.

So humanity, those of us with the ability to sense these things, take these clouds of potentially, and create condensed down ideas for these beings, we take the Luciferian energies, and associate them with the morning star of Venus, we take the wind of the heavens and make it Boreas, who travels the silk road and in the fullness of time becomes the Japanese wind god Fujin (look it up).

This creates a chicken and egg paradox for those of us who really like to dig deep into these things.

Did the beings exist this way already (and we just found things to model our experience of them after in the real world), or did we make them like this out of the word jumble of possibility of the astral realm to explain things in the material?

Are they ALL egregoric in this sense?  Or did they choose, or already have their associations and we simply followed their preferences... In effect:

The God Boreas/Fujin is the same entity, and it was always the essence of wind, and movement in the air etc, and we simply changed the name of it to match our culture?


Did we see wind, need a reason for it, and knowingly or unknowingly craft an entity out of the astral realm that fit the descriptions we wanted and at some point called it Boreas, which became popular and caught on until at some point it became self-aware? Maybe Boreas wasn't the first form it took?


MAYBE these entities are Boltzmann brains, perhaps existent in the universe from very recently, or all the way from time so far removed from our own, a time so far in the past, that even they don't know?

My opinion is I don't know... It depends... I have a certain liking for the concept of Boltzmann brains, as unlikely as they are, I feel they have a certain truth to them intuitively.   Indeed, we all could be a dream of a vast Boltzmann brain of impossible capability that can dream into being the identity individual of everything in the universe, at the same time.

(I am basically describing Vishnu or Azathoth).

For some, I think it is better to see them as Egregores.

For example, I think elemental spirits, are egregoric in nature, at least in some part.   I do NOT believe that wind comes from these beings, or that without them wind wouldn't happen.

That is a "theistic" and primitive way of looking at reality.  If that is your way, and it works for you, I'm not going to disparage you, but I don't walk that path.

Instead, I think Boreas/Fujin is an Egregoric entity, something given life by the collective consciousness.  Many of us get the feeling sometimes that wind is not just a force of science, but a living thinking being that pushes us around for fun.  There likely is something out there floating around playing games in the wind.  Something that can be called on to influence the wind.  A thing we created for that purpose.

Meanwhile, I think other things, might have been already wandering around the astral realm and decided to come along and interact with us, and we learned about them through our experiences of them.

Now, that doesn't mean they weren't created by us in ancient antiquity, for all we know, Lucifer is some little kids imaginary friend he made up in the year 40K BC.  A being that this kid created based on the cool light of the morning star... Maybe this kid had some kind of magick gift and this imaginary friend became a REAL egregoric entity, and somehow it convinced his whole tribe that it was real, and the kid grew up to be the shaman of the tribe, and lucifer in some early primordial form protected them...

In the fullness of time, Lucifer stopped being some simple egregore, but became self-aware and self-motivating and began to interact with any and all beings who could sense him/she/it,


Lucifer might really be an astral entity, one lurking around since the big bang as a Boltzmann brain, whose consciousness stayed near our world.  Or maybe Lucifer is just a personality dreamed up by Vishnu or Azathoth... or Maybe he was created in some astral way, with certain aspects and attributes that have appeared to people throughout history who have adorned him with the imagery and cultural trappings that best matched his energy.


Some combination of them all (my personal preference, because it lets me not have to choose right now).

Now, I have pretty much written a whole lot of conjecture without any new knowledge, no new understandings... but I feel we need to gather a working set of ideas so we can break them down for ourselves, and decide for ourselves.

We can apply this to my current situation as follows - finding the authentic origin of the beings I am in league with.

I can accept that there IS no knowable origin for these beings through logical rational research.  There can only be personal gnosis and subjective truth.  Some things are NOT to be known (by all), but can be known by the self.

Probably, Demons/entities do not tell us (at least not me) because they want us (or at least me) to decide on our own, it doesn't matter to them really, so long as we call on them, and give them a way to experience the material world through us.  Or maybe they themselves do not know.

We often fall into this trap where we assume they know everything there is to know about these mysteries, just because they themselves are OF that mystery.

But we need to remember that we don't know our own precise origins for any one of us, let alone the entire species. We can only get so close before we have to basically make intelligent guesses.

Why should demons or gods be any better?  Only one god I can think of, claims to be that all-knowing,  And so far their contribution to global gnosis has been the horrible creationist movement, the inquisition that made sure science was kept in the dark ages for as long as possible and so on...

I can also accept that throughout the history of mankind, our secret societies, our governments, the shift in power between various cults and religions... all these things have served to make finding any reliable origin for these entities in culture a vertible impossible challenge for the individual practicing Demon Sorcery.

It is quite literally NOT to be known by anyone save those who already know.  This information is hidden for a reason, and that reason is probably related to POWER.

Because hidden information is powerful information.

But we are now in the Age of Aquarius... Gone are the days of the spiritual gatekeeper... So how much longer will this information be repressed, if it exists?

So what did we learn here today kids?

Nothing, absolutely nothing, except that the puzzle is real, and it is timeless, and it is part of the process.  Part of the journey.

But it can also be a trap.  If you spend time in deep gnosis trying to get a demon to tell you it's origin story.

You are probably going to go on a wild ride through history, psychology, and mysticism and at the end, be no better off than where you started, except you will have grown exponentially in the spiritual sense.  Because in the seeking you will find so much wonder, and this sense of unfulfilled wonder, these dead ends, these mysteries...  so long as they don't consume you... lead you eventually back to the source of truth.

And that is the self.

We decide what is real and what is not.  We decide to trust something told to us or not trust it.  We decide if a demon is real or not, and we are the ones that are the source of all magick and power in the world.  Indeed we are the source of everything, from logic to reason, from barbarism to culture, etc.

For we can bring a thing into magickal reality just by thinking it true, and make it disappear just as easily. Be it a new job to answer our magick spells workings, or a civilization built on laws, lies, and authoritarians hiding as benevolent leaders.

Thank you, Ba'al for this experience. you truly are a source of Wisdom.


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