Spell to be free of binding magick

DISCLAIMER - This is not a substitute for qualified medical or psychological care.  I am NOT making ANY MEDICAL claims, Nor giving any kind of medical or psychological advice.  This is purely meant as adult entertainment.  We all know magick is completely not real...  According to science - It's obviously all made up hokum! But don't sweat it. That is how the Demons like it :)

UPDATE - I DEDICATE THIS POST TO VINE, who both taught me this spell, and also helped deliver this blog out of recent Exile on Facebook. 

Have you been bound by the hex or binding magick of another person? Did you know that you can be bound, even without the person knowing they did it to you?

Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, self-doubt? This spell might help, or totally cure you, especially if the source of these feelings is enemy magick!

A binding spell can be potent, but only so long as you believe it has power over you, or as long as you are unaware that the spell is the reason for your failures and inability to accomplish things.

You will notice your spells fail, you will notice you will have trouble focusing, trouble with depression and self-doubt, you will have trouble in the heart, and throat chakra, as you will lack conviction and the ability to make decisions.

You can be bound by any capable user of magick, but also inadvertently by the sheer will of people around you who wish to see you fail or to be better than you.

You may even be bound by a loved one, maybe your super religious Christian aunt Sally noticed your collection of satanic paraphernalia, and prayed for you at church so fervently and with such belief in the Egregore of Christ, that a real blockage and binding has been done to you? Breaking this can be easy, or very hard, much of it depends on you.

The first step is to divine who or what is binding you, you do not have to know this information, indeed it could be unknowable, but I would recommend appeoaching the 39th goetic Demon Malphas, and have him tell you who worked magic against you, to bind or hex or curse you.  Evoking him using whatever method you find suits both of you best.  Or use my more involved ceremonial ritual HERE (PDF): https://drive.google.com/open?id=15pfZuLKxWVpz89UFhcyv8Q1uigI9Ash4.

Now, you can skip this step, or not use demons at all, but if you are already weakened by a spell, you may need the help a Demon provides.

Gather up the following essentials - 

Incense - 

Dragons blood:  This enhances potency of all magickal workings.  A favorite of mine. 
Sage:  The gold standard in cleansing and purification, also fairly universal as an incense many demons and entities enjoy.
Optional: Cinnamon - This incense is fantastic for cleansing or bringing out the ZEST of your own personal power.  If you feel weak, consider using some of this (this can be hard to find in stores, but can be made with common household spice, google for instructions on how to make your own).

A thin strip of leather cord, like what is used to make necklace cords.  It should be thick enough to pose some resistance, but thin enough to easily break by pulling.

At least one candle.  

A minimum of a triangle of Manifestation.  

A sigil for Vine, properly prepared.

A brasier for burning, or a cauldron (filled with Sea salt) like the one pictured below. 

Next, once you have gotten the information you need, and all the materials specified. go to the next step. This post is specifically about binding, for curses you will need to do something different (reverse burning a candle, for example, to reverse and send the curse back at your enemy):

Process Lay out a ritual space similar to mine in the photo, or use one of your own traditions.  Light your candles and the incense. I moved the incense to the far end of the triangle when I began the ritual, this was just my pre-setup. 

I also blacked out one of the seals for another working I was doing.  Ignore it

Begin by placing the sigil of Vine in the center of the triangle and evoking him via the manner of your choosing.  I like to use Demonic Enns, Vine's is as follows: "Eyesta nas Vine ca laris"
just chant that as best as you can.  Vine's name can be pronounced however you like, but for me he preferred VEE-NAY, or VEEN-ah, not Vine like Grape vine.

Make sure he is present and begin communing with him.  Tell him about how you have been bound, or otherwise impeded by another person lingering magick, or the latent ill will of others.  Ask him to help you free yourself.  And Ask him to give you a strong physical sign of his agreement.  I asked for a loud noise, and he made a pan crash in the kitchen 10 feet away that had been at rest in the drying rack all day... nobody had touched it in hours, and it suddenly settled and made a loud metallic clank in the drying rack.

Now if he agrees, Vine is very good at teaching magick, so at this point, he may take over and tell you to scrap what I am teaching here as it might not be right for you, but he approved of this method, so... ask him if he wants you to use my method and see where it goes.

Once he is in your ritual chamber and agreed to help you, TIE the leather cord so it forms a loop.  IT should be a strong knot so it doesn't slip apart.

Next, take the loop of leather and put it into the center of the triangle of manifestation, moving Vine down to the 6 o'clock positions as shown in the picture.

Visualize his energy and power completing the Trinity of power of the triangle of manifestation, and becoming the source of the energy (if you are too weak), or lens through which your energy can flow into the triangle to do your will.

Now really focus here, this is the most important part.  Gather up all the binding energy and negativity and visualize it as if it is being channeled through you into Vines sigil, and into the triangle where it is being bound to the leather cord.

You may use your intuition here on how to best do this, you may need to hold the cord in your hand, press it into the triangle, or stare at it with all your vengeful rage at having been bound, you could even rub it all over your body imagining that it is soaking up all the sticky tar of the enemies intent,  and believe that when this ritual is done, you will be free!

You are essentially gathering up all this binding energy and focusing and binding it into this leather cord.

If you are unsure, Ask Vine to send you a sign when the cord is fully charged with all the binding energy etc. You can use a sign in the smoke, in the fire of the candles, or a sound.  Be patient, and if you get no sign in a reasonable timeframe, alter the conditions to be something less physical.  The key here is you should be SURE the binding force is all bound up in the cord before taking the next step, or it won't work.

When the cord is charged with all that shitty binding energy, You should feel utterly exhausted, but eager to continue at this point.  Now take the cord, and put it over both your hands in such a way that it forms a primitive kind of handcuffs.   Criss cross the cord so it twists up in the middle between your wrists and begins to look and feel like delicate leather bonds holding you prisoner.

Now here is the fun part.

You really need to put your strongest intent into this part.

You need to know YOU are the master of your world, and only you can bind yourself and only you can free yourself.  That the entire reason the binding spell is working at all is that some part of you believes it.

And I want you to find your anger, your rebellious liberated empowered side and DECLARE that you are no longer bound to your enemies will, no longer a slave to the negative drain they have put on you... that you can do anything you want, cast any spell you want, and that all your power is restored.

When you really feel like you have told the binding magick to go fuck itself with maximum prejudice... pull your hands apart sharply to literally BREAK the leather cord and when it snaps, feel the binds that contain you break with them.

If they do not break (too thick, or magickally strong), then commune with Vine and place a lit candle on top of his sigil, have him give you the strength and hold the leather between your wrists over one of the open candle flames and keep steady pressure on pulling your wrists apart till the fire burns through.

Know that when this cord is broken or burned through the binding magick is no longer effective.

Next, you need to disperse that negative (or positive) binding force as it is now chaotic offensive energy, and needs to be neutralized.

Take the cords, make sure you don't lose any of it, and ball it up and set it on fire in the brazier/cauldron.

If you have trouble burning it, just do the best you can, the more it burns completely the better... but leather doesn't burn easily, so keep at it, piece by piece until it has all been reasonably burnt in the fire.

A few blackened pieces can be ok, but don't be lazy, burn the majority of it as best you can, throwing it on a campfire is great too by the way.  
When the cord is all burnt up, it is up to you to make offerings to Vine, blood, incense, wine, whatever feels right.

I gave him a gift of blood and more incense and ASKED him if he would prefer I burn his sigil with the blood on it or leave it be for now.  I said "If you want me to burn it, please cause the incense to blow all over his paper sigil that I was holding up, or if he preferred I keep it for now, to blow the smoke away from me.

It took about half a minute to get a sign where I am to burn the seal of Vine with the blood offering on it.

I could feel the difference almost as soon as the last bits of the cord burned.

I am free again to work whatever magick I wish, I will no longer be held back by self-doubt or similar issues, and Vine was happy to help.

You may want to do this a few times a year, especially if you have a lot of toxic or negative people in your life who might secretly be wishing you ill will...

Until next time... 




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