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Watch This video, then read my break down of what is happening:

It's not long. 

This is a video I took on Samhain, I had already done several magickal workings and evoked several entities to come and attend my humble and solemn solitary observation of this special day of the year. 

Now, as a brief aside - I know the subject of Halloween can be controversial for occultists, some hate it, some treat it as a high holy day...  I don't give a shit about what disrespectful things you think about my practices.  You are here because you care about what I think.  So don't forget that. 

Anyway, back on topic.

This video begins with me essentially "warming up" my intent by getting my attention back squarely on Nyarlathotep.  It takes me a little bit to get into a trance, but not long.   If you listen to my voice, you can kind of pick up when I am just talking, and when I am more or less invigorated by my intent.  I go from just talking, to COMMANDING.

So as I am talking I am making a psychic connection with the energy in fire and with the night and so on, I am really getting in tune with it.  I can feel the energy building so I begin to speak my intent.

I bring up the target for my working by mentioning rapists, pedophiles, and false accusers.  Now, this is both a broad statement of intent, as well as a specific one, and my TRUEST will is not just for these specific categories to be targeted, but for the entire interrelated structure that these kinds of people operate in to be targetted.  As well, I had some specific individual people in mind that I know personally.

With a spell that is cast this broadly, I cannot hope to expect to receive clear verification or validation of my intent coming true.  Now, normally this is a mistake.   With magick, I like to make sure I am clear about my targets and allow myself to be vague only about the outcome. 

So if I hate you, I want to target YOU with accuracy.  And when I describe what I want to be done to you, no matter how specific I sound, I really don't expect it to work that way.

If I command for you to be stabbed in the heart, and die!

Well, stabbing you might be impractical.  Maybe my truest will is just for you to go away?  Maybe as the result of something disruptive to your pursuit of happiness.

In either event, I can tell I make strong contact, because, as is the nature of true magick, A synchronistic, short-lived, coincidental, localized wind gust picks up and makes the fire burst into bright blazing light.

This, in turn, encouraged me and invigorated me,  So while at first, I was thinking about how this video would just be a disappointing video of me talking in the dark... Instead, it became a low-level physical manifestation video.


So I run with it, and focus all my energy into the fire and into commanding my will to manifest, here if you are remotely empathic or sensitive you can feel the energy of my words and the situation got very dense.

I then follow this up immediately with a humble offering of Smoke and fire.  Now it's safe to tell you, I wasn't the only one who made a commitment to do a working on this night for this purpose.  At least one other Sorcerer in the Dark Sorcery Facebook group was planning on doing their own ritual for this purpose, in fact, it was their idea.

So I make sure to note them so that my energies have in them the intent of joining with any and all efforts by anyone else with the same general intent.

So I toss the bundle of incense and wood onto the fire, and here is where things get really interesting depending on your ability or willingness to see things and accept they are more than just glitches.

When the offering begins to burn, of course, the fire burns more brightly, and this starts creating visual artifacts such as a halo effect around the light, as well as some lens flares and more.

All of this is normal and natural, none of it is external, to my eyes the flame just got brighter and hotter and the offering burned really fast.   I could feel the energies changing from a raging current, to a much calmer, more appeased level.

If you watch the glitchy halo of light, at some point (around 3:42, and again at around 3:49, ) the halo forms a kind of lens flare that is common on cell cameras when they look at a bright enough fire.

The Lens, despite being designed not to have this problem, is just a tiny bit reflective, and the bright light reflects and refracts and causes near optical effects to be recorded.

But it isn't so much about what can be seen in the flame.  You can see Jesus in burnt Toast, does that mean the toast is holy.   What is important is the synchronistic way the light and smoke moves to create the impression of life and intelligence.

At several points, after I make the offering, people who have seen this video have told me they swear they see a humanoid shape moving around.  Now, I saw it once on my cell phone, and it DID look like a hooded figure getting close to the fire to eat something out of it.   But since I saw it the first time (and didn't mark the time), I can't find it on my hi-rez PC monitor, which leads me to believe it's just the power of suggestion, either on their part (causing them to see what isn't there) or mine (causing me to doubt them).

Go ahead and rewatch it, see if you can catch it! If you do, comment with the Timestamp and where to look.



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