Can you give me a spell to Do - X

"Asking a powerful sorcerer for a spell is like a turkey asking an Eagle for a Feather thinking it will help them fly." - Me

OK, it's time, it's time someone says it.  We as occult practitioners need to put this kind of thing on the chopping block and educate people to stop doing this.

Before I begin I want you, dear reader, to understand something. I am not saying there aren't spells to be shared, or that I don't teach magick, I am saying... some fuckers are lazy.

I'm very happy to teach people magick arts, but I don't GIVE people magick who are looking for a shortcut.

Magick is not a collection of spells, the "spells" don't actually do it.

There are certain "rules" in magick per se, I don't mean dogmatic rules like the law of return or whatever RHP noise you might have heard. I mean there are principles through which magick operates.

Once you understand those principles, the idea of asking for spells for any reason other than inspiration for making your own spells is retarded.

If you are asking me for a SPELL to do something mundane (relating to money, sex, etc), that means:

1:  You do not understand the nature of magick.  Or you would be using your own magick for this already.  Magick is actually NOT complicated, spells, IE LOW magick are not complex things to create, most of the best ones are self-made in fact.

2:  You are too lazy to use my or anyone else's magick because these silly mundane things you are asking for (usually money, sex, etc). are what I call a pitiful waste of god-like power.  You are invoking forces that can move mountains and you want to use it to get some floozy to fuck you against her will?  You want to use the power of a god to buy a Porche?

You are literally no different than the herds of idiotic sheep at the local church begging God for a Mercedez Benz... instead of going out and getting a fucking job and working for it or asking god to lift you up to a level of self-reliance needed not to even care what kind of car you have.

If I give you this spell, it would be MY spell, and I understand how magick works, so if I cast this spell for myself, I also know how to make it work and not rely on it to do the job for me.

See, you are not asking for a thing to help you, you are asking for a thing to do it for you.  Either because you CAN'T or won't.

Now, I'm not talking about that person who is in a crisis, someone who is about to lose their house because they lost their job and are desperate, nor am I talking about that person who is sick and needs help of a spiritual nature.

I'm talking about the typical Low energy superstitious person who thinks magick is a genie in a bottle that answers wishes and doesn't have to do the work, or will do the work but doesn't want to be bothered to do the research to learn how to do the work for themselves.

Frankly, these people are not really advanced enough to use my magick.  And unless the spell I have to give you was CREATED for others to use... Or for you SPECIFICALLY, it is even less likely to work.  Now in order for me to give you a spell that helps you, I need to know you, I need to really care enough to learn about you, either through interaction with you, Divination, or likely both.

Some Random slob asking me:

"Yo, Can you show me a spell to get dis girl to fuck me?"  Answer - ask her how she got you to want to fuck her so bad.

"Hey, I wanna be rich like Kanye West, how I do I do that?" - Ask Kanye.

If those answers aren't helpful to you, Sorry, magick isn't for you, at least mine isn't.

Because if I want to be rich like Kanye, I'm not going to ask a demon or cast spells for money to appear out of the sky... I'm going to ask a demon for guidance on finance, fame, fortune etc.  Then cast low magick to influence outcomes of specific results.

If I want XYZ girl to fuck me, I'm going to ask a demon to teach me to be irresistible and to help influence her to appreciate what I have going on, and I'm going to go out there and do everything I can to be that sexy mother fucker I need to be.

And I am also going to be as unattached to the results as I can be.

Because being attached to the result is half the reason even skilled sorcerers fail.  Sometimes it will work anyway, but a lot of the time, this means you haven't really released the intent fully.  You are too attached and it just won't work for you.  Sometimes this is why it can be good for another person to do spells FOR you if you are too attached to the result.

This is why when I see someone powerful in magick struggling with something, I will ask them if they want me to work on their behalf. Rather than be a snarky ass and tell them to figure it out on their own.

Meanwhile, I will be a snarky ass and tell a beginner to figure it out on their own, even though they have no idea where to begin.

My magick is about ascension, learning to work with higher entities, and self-improvement.  It is about dealing with life from a higher vibrational perspective, and not a low, base, animalistic level where all magick is for you is a way to satisfy carnal desires.

It's not that you cannot use magick for those things, indeed, it is a fact that magick is often used for these things and entities are willing to make these things work for you, but the goal isn't to get you rich or get you laid.  The goal is to remove the stumbling block from your life that revolves around these need.

If you are someone obsessed with finding love, or fucking some girl, or having a nice material status in society, this is actually a roadblock to your ascension as a master or mistress of reality.

For some people, giving them what they want will, in fact, satisfy their need for it, and for those people, magick is there to help.

For others, the lesson is to be DEPRIVED of that thing they are obsessed about till they grow up and stop seeking it.

I had one person say -

I DID research it, I looked up on the internet for answers, or I bought this book of magick and all it has are these rituals about this or that to evoke this demon, or go on this vision journey etc, nothing about how to get what I want.


I did, I found these spells and they didn't work...

The answer to both statements is the same -

Because the thing you are looking for isn't a spell to do something.

It is the magick to learn how to do the spells.

Time and time again, when a person learns to do magick, they no longer ask for spells from anyone. 

They MAY look up ideas for new ways to do things, basic principles behind sigil work, or candle magick etc.  But they ignore the "spells" and go for the pathworking itself, WHY do you use a candle, what is the symbolism etc.

Because they get the spells they do from Demons, intuition, divination or some other "Self" originating source, not from some other person.

You do need to learn the rules, you do need to learn the symbolism that works for you, but no sooner do you learn these rules and symbolism, than do you suddenly find you just DO it.

Now if you need someone to do the magick for you, there are plenty of Sorcerers for hire out there, contact me for example and I might be willing to help you if I can... but it won't be free, and it won't come with any guarantees.

So if you ask for a spell, or to open my grimoire for example, and you will find page after page of spell I have made for myself, and no one else.

Start your own grimoire based on your learning... Only then will you no longer need to look in mine.

So, If you want to learn to do magick, I can help, you want me to give you magick?  No.  It's mine, get your own. If you want me to work magick for you, open your wallet wide because I pour a LOT of time and energy into a working and I don't give guarantees for a thing that requires YOU to do most of the work after I do my part.



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