Ba'al - an example of channeled Gnosis

Note:  This post contains gnosis in progress, IE I'm still working through some of it after writing it, so this stands only as a current understanding.  I expect some or even all of this to change.

EDIT 1 :  This fucking rabit hole is ridiculously deep.  Holy fucking crap.  Sooo many diety connections here, I can't fit it all into a post, and I am not cut out to be a full on historical scholar, but dig nabbit, I can see why it was so hard getting a lock on Baal, and why I am drawn to some other entities now.  Thanks Baal for the hsitory rabit hole!  

I am going into a time of year where all my hobbies and activities have to be put on hold.  I work for the family, and they own a retail nursery business that is seasonal. Spring is grueling, 3 month period of agony and labor.  It means I have little free time.  but at least in the evenings, I am free to do as I please.  And the summers are laid back.  But the Xmas season is when we sell Xmas trees, and i work 14 hour days 6-7 days a week with no time for anything except sleep.

Edit - I say Xmas, because fuck the egregoric oppressor religion of Christ...  I would call it Yule, but I don't celebrate Yule either (though I do deeply connect with Woden/Odin - If I was Asatru, I would focus almost entirely on him as my allfather).

So seeing as this might be my last day off till late December, I decided to begin my pathworking of expanding my personal pantheon of spirits, and conjuring demons I am interested in.  some of this will include reconnecting with spirits I stopped calling on, but most of this will be revolving around becoming initiated with as many spirits of the sort that I feel a connection with.

I do not believe any form of demonolatry should be like a game of Pokemon, the goal isn't to catch them all, but unless you conjure them, how can you know them enough to pick the ones that resonate with you?

So with this in mind, I decided to conjure the spirit of Ba'al/Bael/Beezelbub etc.

And boy did I pick a fun one to start with.  Because as you can already see, this entity is about as perverted, twisted and fucked up through history as you can get.  Like Astaroth being linked to Ishtar, Astarte and so on... This entity is one of the big league entities that appear to all these cultures in different ways.

And it begs the question, what is the truth?  In my mind, none of them need be wrong.  all these forms can be valid, it is not a new concept in spirituality for a god to have multiple aspects, the maiden mother and crone, the Father son and holy ghost, the trinity of the self and so on.

Indeed, it seems kind of normal for entities of higher power and fuller sentience to be many-faceted, while lower entities tend to be more focused.

But that doesn't help us when we try to work with them, and in many respects, I almost failed in my attempt.

Between the confusion surrounding this entity, and the upcoming month straight of 12 hour work days (at least 6 days a week if not 7) coming up on me, it's hard for me to really focus in on my trance state and do magick.

So I did a little research, I DO NOT LIKE to overload myself with data about an entity before conjuring them.  I do just enough research to get a picture of them in my mind, name, Enn, sigil, general areas they are useful in (protection, sex, etc), incense, direction.  As those things are part of how I conjure them.

When they arrive, I establish contact... sometimes it's a feeling of presence, sometimes it's a chill running down my spine like fingernails on a blackboard, sometimes its a disembodied voice or sound, other times it's something even less predictable like electronics malfunctioning etc.

In this case, I got a very notable chill down my spine, but no voices, no feelings of presence, but I knew I wasn't alone.

So I began my communication and channeling.  I told the being my intention, told it what I hoped it would do for me, told it I would give it an offering of my own blood, and incense and anything else it requested of me that was within my power, and asked it for clarity and focus in gnosis of the being.

I took out my scratch journal (my rough draft grimoire), and started making entries, doing my best to stay in trance.

I know my handwriting sucks by default,
but you can really see when I get into deep
trance too by how bad it really gets

If you expand that image you can see (assuming you can read it) that I am getting confused, I am picking up all kinds of different wavelengths and truths, some conflicting.

The biggest one I got was that the GEOTIC version of BAEL, while valid, is just a minor Aspect of the greater BAAL, and BAAL isn't quite the BAAL most people understand either... Indeed, the spirit seemed to be telling me that he Goetic BAEL, while not offensive to it, isn't it's preference.  At least not for me.

It wants ME to address it as Ba'al and all but disregard the Goetia version, indeed, a lot can be said for this as an idea in general, I like my goetic allies, but they are NOT all accurate nor are they all there is.   It didn't give me a unique enn or Sigil yet, but I predict it will soon.

So I channeled all the info in the image and thanked the entity for the gnosis and it's time and offered again my service as an ally.  I told it I would be taking my focus off him, but he could remain as long as he liked, guiding me etc.

I will say this - I could barely even tell he was still there or not. It really wasn't a very strong conjuration, but if you know what you are doing you know that you can't go by that, if you get even a hint of a presence, run with it, go with it, trust it, and don't doubt it.  don't think you did it wrong, don't think you pissed it off, or that it is weak.

Sometimes that is all you can hope for.  Sometimes it's your energy that is out of sync or something.  Don't dwell on it! If you are getting knowledge if you are experiencing ANYTHING just go with it!

Anyway, I WAS getting worried that maybe I didn't have a real connection because I was getting so much conflicting information.  Usually, I get solid info, or strong gnosis and or visions or both.

I started off as I said with mostly Goetic info and the common knowledge that children were sacrificed to the god Ba'al in the bible etc.

I pressed him to explain the human sacrifice, since to my knowledge that isn't really a thing Demons want, at least not in this day and age, and I got slammed HARD with two impressions.

The first was of the movie Beastmaster when the Evil sorcerer Mayax was sacrificing children to the god Ar.  And the line where he says "Ar Wants your Children!"  It was kind of a way for the entity to tell me I think that this was what the human priest class had done with his authority, IE someone, somewhere either invented this as a lie to demonize the culture, or the culture did it because the priest class was using the entity as an excuse to do child/human sacrifice.

Now, it should be known, again, Demons never ask for this in all my years, and in all the years of anyone else I know.  If they do, they don't ever tell us to do it, they only tell a handful of lunatics who would have sacrificed humans to potato chips had they not found an excuse in their fantasy of demons.

They don't even ask for animal sacrifice really much at all, they don't deny that as much though. So I get the strong impression that if I toss a leg of lamb on a bonfire and dedicate it to Azazel he won't mind one bit LOL.  But none of them seem to expect or ask for it.  Maybe they just know our relationship to animals has evolved from one more akin to raw predation to Industrialized opportunism and "pet" ownership where we truly care about our animals like they are children in some cases.

So I wrote all this down dutifully, you have to go with these things, you can't ignore them, even the silly stuff, the stuff you think is wrong, WRITE IT DOWN.

The Next hard slam I got was the sentence (I heard this in my mind) "Some things are not to be known."

And that was the last I could get on the matter of sacrifice.  I wasn't sure if this meant he wasn't going to tell me, that nobody would ever know, or was this a message that I had to figure it out and decide for myself?  Or was this a sign that the information is secret, not that it can't be known, but that it is not supposed to be known?

I wrote this down too.

I kept jotting down the things I knew were his messages to me, and as I stared into the smoke the smoke took on the shape of a bullhead, and I could almost make out eyes as the smoke curled around to become horns (you can sorta see my sloppy sketches of this on the right side).

So when I was done with all this and the ritual closed - it was time to do some research.  I was expecting some Indiana Jones level google sleuthing, because holy shit, anything bible related is just overflowing with the bullshit you need to sift through.

But as I researched, seemed to be getting the picture of EL, not BAAL.  At least, not the Baal I thought I knew.

So I am now in the middle of learning more about ancient history than I intended to know... and I wonder why so much of this is skipped over in school.  Or only hinted at...

Here is what I got so far -

Now, for those who don't know your history, EL is the high god of the Canaanites, some say brother to Yahweh.  Now, often people picture Baal as being related to cows, being like a Minotaur in most artistic drawings.  But that is more like EL, as it turns out... the god "Baal" in history isn't originally a "God" per se, but a title of God.  It meant "LORD", and so all the different Gods might be called Ba'al in their own right. But there was also Hadid, who some say was called Baal and so on.  So you can see where all this confusion is starting to happen.

As if that is not bad enough, there are around (if not exactly) 70 Elohim, IE children of el, angels, gods, demons whatever. in this ancient pantheon under El.  All of which could be Baal...

Yeah, I think I need a bigger journal... Anyway.

Now, I didn't know all this yet. but as I am learning it, and still learning it and will be learning it after writing this...

A picture of hidden knowledge is coming out. And I may have to revise this later.

Baal, as often conjured, is probably EL or maybe even just the modern name of the whole pantheon of the Elohim, Dagon etc, and that may also only be the tip of the iceberg (I got a friend of the Black Tower who is really into that period and those gods, so I am going to say if the comments below with better gnosis, I'll listen to him). and I got the distinct impression Ba'al is a bit tired of having to explain this every time someone attempts to get deep gnosis from him.

The Abrahamic Culture, and it's offshoots and our modern world has so twisted his history and truth that it's not even funny.  It's barely taught in public schools at least, and it is clear that the Abrahamists do not want the truth of this entity revealed openly, and Ba'al/El/Bael etc, etc, seems annoyed that he has to correct it all the time, but at the same time, doesn't seem to be trying to move the world to change it either.  Or maybe he simply can't, maybe the Yahweh Cult is just too strong in opposition?

I also found that BAEL as expressed in the Goetia, has absolutely NO symbolism that really matches any of the ancient Phonecian gods that I can see, nor did it ever really resonate well with me.

Ba'al did give me the impression that he DOES, at least as his Bael Aspect, have a connection to spiders, cats, and toads, but that he is not quite that connected to them that they make up his spiritual appearance.

Is the Goetia wrong then?  Not "wrong" as much as vague, and meant as a calling card, a way to make contact with something FAR more complex than what is listed in any book.

So as I look at my channeled scribbles I see all kinds of notes, some repeating nuggets of info...

I got the feeling that Ba'al isn't just associated with fire as most other occultists suggest, but has a strong Earth component, and some link to Taurus, as well as Aries. Maybe I was simply channeling his earth aspect?

Or maybe my subconscious misheard?

I also found out he likes dairy products, milk, cheese, butter, and livestock, fertility, and so on, all or many of these things confirmed by my research.

Now feel free to look at my scribbles and see what also matches what YOU find when you work with him.

Keep in mind, some of what we find when we get in touch with these beings is limited to what we know, and already believe.  If you truly believe the devil has horns, you will probably see horns.  If you really believe Lilith eats newborn babies or whatever... then it will be hard for her to come to you as anything but a baby eater.

And so on.

And this is why it can be so important NOT to over research your first contact with an entity.  If you already know all there is to know about an entity, that isn't a problem, you can still work with them, but beware, you need to open yourself to the possibility it is all wrong.

What matters, in the end, is that you take what they give you and work with that, even if it breaks history or conflicts with what others have seen.  Obviously, if it's night and day... maybe YOU are wrong, maybe.  But if you are told the entity is male and you get a female, KEEP GOING!

This is the way they appear to you, and it is valid. But it is so much MORE valid and exciting when you get the info that is known to be true that you had no way of knowing up to that point.

Keep in mind also, that the information they give you, might be put there to make you research more and learn more on your own and in finding the truth you find them in a more personal way than had you just taken all the info from a book or blog post like mine.  Now the info is YOUR gnosis.

When you are done, put that shit in your Grimoire and cherish it.  IT has made you so much more powerful!

Mind the Shadows - D.H. Thorne

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