What do they want? - Dealing with demons.

A common question has been popping up in my occult practices and now that I am an admin and teacher over at Dark Sorcery, (facebook group and Instagram), and part of several other groups, I get involved in peoples questions frequently, and now get asked by people -

"What do demons and other entities want?  Why do they want to work with us? Is it for our soul?  Are we supposed to be doing evil for them or what?"

Well... for me, the answer is unfortunately simple - "It depends."

First and foremost, get one thing out of your head - Demons DO NOT ASK FOR YOUR SOUL.  They have never asked for mine, and nobody I know that is reputable has ever claimed they ask for that, or would even accept it if offered.

It IS possible that they don't want it because we are already "damned" which if the Abrahamic religions are at all true, then I most certainly am.  So that could be why they aren't at all interested in bargaining for what they already have.  But frankly, if God is the jealous judgemental slave master the churches claim he is, then I want no part of their holy prison.  If there is a god that gets mad that you say certain things, or might follow the wrong book or tradition, just to trap you for not being 100% faithful in a world devoid of anything to have faith in but yourself...

Anyway, My point is, fuck the Abrahamic god, if there IS a god when I die, I'm going to be walking with God, and if he or she asked me why I wasn't an Xtian or some other Abrahamic faith, I'm going to politely explain to him/her what they already should know, and say I am an honest seeker who never turned his back on the actions and lies of those who follow this god, and if I am damned... I am damned for my honesty and inability to live a lie just for fear of hell or desire for reward in heaven.

And if God doesn't like that answer and says I'm going to hell, well... I plan on kicking him in his balls or pussy or ovaries or at least spitting in his eye on the way down into the pit.

No, to me it is silly to even entertain such a childish vision...

I am thoroughly Nondualistic anyway, I do not believe in a "god." I don't even really believe in divinity per se.  I believe in an infinite ocean of which there are many waves, some waves are really big, and some are very small, and I am just one of them, and these demons are just other waves of the same ocean.  Any "gods" that exist are, at most, just really big waves... but they are still no different than me.  They are me, as I am them.

So the idea of a Demon, of a Wave, asking for my soul (another wave) and expecting to get it, would be absurd on the face of it... Unless the demon itself doesn't know the truth perhaps, but that doesn't fit the folklore about them.

Some of these people have asked me, "what then do you think happens to you when you die?"

And I refer to the ocean again... what happens to the wave when it crashes on the shore?

I am the ocean, not the wave, and when I crash on the shore, I am still the ocean, but that wave will be gone.  So be it, there will be more waves to ride.  And some of them will be demonic, and some will be ants, and some will be rocks and some will be stars, and really I am already all of them.

So the idea of losing my soul to a demon is laughable to say the least.

So what do Demons want then?

Well... It depends.  Some want you to ascend, they like seeing us advance like we might like seeing a student graduate, or like seeing a pet enjoy a toy we get for it.

They are, generally, best to be thought of as purpose personified.  They literally get something just from doing what they do.  Some are literally chomping on the bit to be used.  to be given purpose and an outlet for their activity.

One way to think about this is like dancing - What do you gain from dancing?  Assuming you like dancing (I hate dancing), what do you gain from it?  Nothing, or sure a little exercise, but you gain nothing tangible for dancing.  You gain pleasure, or maybe a chance to attract a mate.  Demons are dancing with us in an analogous sense.

They are doing what they do because that is what they like doing. It is how they ascend and become fulfilled.

So some of them won't really be asking much from you except that you dedicate yourself to your studies and practices and personal growth.  Sometimes this is so that someday you will be powerful enough to be useful to them, other times it's just because they enjoy it.

So what about offerings and sacrifices?

So normally, an offering of any kind is more or less symbolic of your seriousness and intent to be devoted to them.  A basket of fruit left under a tree in a forest, a bottle of fine wine left out overnight and poured out first thing come morning, a fine meal thrown into a fire... Or even just a candle or bundle of incense left to burn till it's gone.

Truly, demons like smoke and fire, it is a way for them to enter and interact with our world in a way we can easily see even without spiritual sensitivity or training.

But what about when they ask you to do things?  What does it mean to serve demons? What kinds of things do they ask for and why do they seem to random?

Let me give you an answer by telling you a story as an example -

These last few days I was on vacation with my wife in Philly.  Just before the trip, while packing, I had a very short list of things I wanted to bring, and at some point, I was just about done, and I was looking at my new electric lighter.  Now I don't smoke.  I use this lighter for lighting things like incense, candles, blow torches, BBQs and campfires.  It doesn't use any gas, and charges via USB, and is almost 100% windproof.

So I'm staring at this thing, and I got this sudden STRIKING urge to pack it, I got a strong feeling this was the request of a demon, but I wasn't sure why... I mentioned it to my wife, and she shrugged.

So, shrugging in response, and thinking I might be acting a bit superstitious... I packed my lighter.

Sure enough, during the trip, my wife and I went on a ghost hunting tour around the old city district of Philly.  Lots of history, and while I don't personally put too much faith in ghost stories, I enjoy them and the way people enjoy them...

So there I am, looking like the eccentric I always do... complete with a black duster and walking stick with an obsidian crystal in the end, with my equally eccentric wife... And we are surrounded by all these normies. We had the great misfortune of being the only separate couple in the tour group as everyone else was part of a big prepaid group of close friends on vacation in the city...

Now, by normies, I mean these people were the literally spitting image of the typical people that die in cheesy horror movies.  The ditsy dumb men hating basic bitches in yoga pants and ugs, with their doting white collar, rich cocky boyfriends, betrothed, and husbands.   Every single one of them had some kind of obnoxious giant coffee mug in their hands filled with pumpkin spice latte's or maybe a little "Irish" coffee so they could pregame before the bar.  Half of them were drunk already, and they were rowdy, obnoxious, dumb and easily spooked.

All in all, they reminded me of that old Geico Commercial

Some of them even screamed when the tour guide got to the spooky part of the stories...  even at the silly hoaky, obviously bullshit parts of the stories.

Now, this tour guide was pretty awesome, she was maybe 4'2" inches tall, an adorable munchkin goth looking historian lady in a period pea coat and tall boots.  she was close in age to my wife and me, and she obviously locked eyes with us a few times and nodded and complimented us on our clothes and my walking stick, to signify she was happy to see she wasn't the only freak left in the world.

To complete her eccentric period costume, she had brought with her this nifty old oil lantern to add mood lighting.  However, it was very windy, and this wind was actually knocking out the lantern flame... after the 3rd time, her lighter had stopped working... and she was being a real trooper trying to keep it running.

All of these people, despite being obnoxious annoying normies in my eyes, were sweet, helpful and polite and kind enough to try to help her, but they were inept... having no idea where to light it, what to light it with... etc. So I have to give them an A for effort at least.

I already remembered my lighter premonition, almost before the lantern went out the first time, wondering at first glance if I would need to relight that for the girl... and when the lantern finally had gone out for good... my wife smiled at me with a knowing smile...

I made sure to keep the lighter hidden in the palm of my hand, and opened it silently.  As this is an electric lighter, there is no visible flame or bright spark or anything, just a gentle crackle of purple plasma, easily hidden in my hand.  I walked up and offered to help, and to the onlookers, it just looked like I had my hand in some kind of weird magickal gesture, and when I reached in and touched the wick for a second, it burst into flame.

Nothing up my sleeve! Sorry about the blurry quality... 

Best 20$ electric lighter ever. 

I basked in the glow of oohs and ahhs. Several of them asked - "how did you do that?"

I just smiled and nodded and said... "Magick obviously.  What, you think I dress like this just for show?"

Clapping, laughing... ahh yes... I was the star of the show for a second... all eyes on me, I was Dr. Strange as far as they were concerned.

Synchronicity again... right?  But why was I told to do that?  Was it just so I could have a synchronistic moment?  Or was it more than that?

Because it was obvious, I was meant to do that.  There is no doubt in my mind. I'm not sure who asked me to do it, probably Malphas or Nyarlathotep as I have open-ended contracts with both of them to be their allies in all things if they treat me the same way... but it could also have just been my own intuition.

But was that just so I could feel awesome for 5 minutes in a crowd of spiritual children?

Or was it... maybe, just maybe, because I was carrying out some need of a demon?

See... Demons and most other spirits, like to manipulate reality via subtle paths of least resistance, and this basically refers to the classical chaos theory principle of the butterfly beating its wings.

So if a warlock asks a demon to conjure up a hurricane for them to ruin the home of an enemy... Why go to all the trouble of using all that energy to just blow with hurricane force winds out of a clear blue sky, causing obvious supernatural magick weather that causes humanity to lose its shit and go on a crusade to burn witches for weather manipulation... when you can instead have a butterfly flap it's wings in Africa, and that tiny disturbance causes a chain of events that leads to the hurricane?

Hell, why even force the butterfly to flap its wings at all, when all you need to do is cause some flower seed to land in the right place and attract that butterfly? And why even do that, when maybe some shaman in Africa is told by some "spirit" to plant that flower in that spot.  Why?  just because... just as an offering... Just as a bit of synchronistic intuition... Just as you might be told to leave out a pile of fruit, or go to a store and buy 3 ice cream sandwiches and give them to the first 3 kids you see... Who knows!?  The Demon knows.

So maybe I was playing my part as a butterfly flapping his wing for the demons needs.  Maybe one of those people needed to see something they couldn't explain that night, maybe the tour guide needed someone to help her out and this was answering some request she had made to a demon to make her tour a success so she could pay her rent or get a promotion?  Or maybe this is all part of the demons promises to make me powerful.   Expand my brand so to speak.

All I know is when it happened, my wife and I were overcome with the knowledge we had done our part in some greater pattern, and we were happy to have done it.

I won't lie, it felt cool being the scary cool "warlock vampire guy."  they all whispered about for the rest of the walk.

Now, other beings, other entities might have their own needs, desires, and requests for things.

Some like pain, suffering, and fear, others like pleasure, and joy and lust, and still others hate humanity and want nothing more than to spread strife.

In the end, the spectrum of things spirits and demons ask for is as varied as it is seemingly random in nature.

One thing I will tell you is, if any demon asks for your soul, laugh at them... they aren't a demon.

But that doesn't mean they won't ask for your devotion, and dedication, which can very much feel like you are giving your soul.

In the end, what demons ask of you may not always be what you are willing to give... they can ask for mundane and minor things or huge impossible things... You are never under any obligation to agree to give them anything, but if you do agree... take my advice, and always follow through.

Never keep them waiting on what you promise them, or else why would they do for you what you need in the time frame you provide?




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