Ritual tonight - Evocation of Malphas - COPY OF RITUAL IN LINK

Malphas, a powerful demonic president has contacted my wife and I, through divination and research I have developed what I believe will be a POWERFUL evocation ritual (which I will be sharing here in this post.)  The optimal times for this being to be evoked are in October, and the best days are the 3rd through the 7th, as well as a week in April.

Because this being contacted us, and it is my wife's first such contact, I want to make this a special occasion, which to me means finding a good energetic location to conduct the ritual.  Sadly, the best place I know is the school field behind my house.  This has the obvious flaws of lack of privacy, trespassing on public property after dark, and so on.

I would happily use my own property, but the people we rent from would see us, and it would be awkward, to say the least, though they aren't particularly religious.  I would do it in the house, but I live in a very small humble apartment and the Wife doesn't want any strays in the house so to speak.   For the first contact, I more or less agree, or at least understand her trepidation.

Living where I do utterly sucks for the purposes of conducting anything like magickal rituals or ceremonies out in the open.  This isn't unusual, most people in America could probably say the same thing.  And there MUST be something said for the necessity of secrecy that can add a certain power to your work.

It adds a kind surreality to walk around otherwise public locations you have cast circles and summoned demons in and see people react to what remains of your circles and triangles and offerings.  to know where that person is standing is where you saw the demon manifest.

It's like the modern age has a potent way of sucking the old forms of energy out of your working.  It's like every single moment of the day the modern world beats on your intention, challenging your belief, or fucking with your intuition.  I often wonder how our spirituality will change if humanity ever takes to the stars.  If the evocation of beings like Malphas, or Nyarlathotep seems difficult or strange to do now amidst the cell phones and technology of the modern era... How will it be to summon one on a space station?  What spirits lie in wait for us to summon on the moon?  Or mars?  Or orbiting another star?

Are these beings just figments of our psyche as some masters have said?  Or are they US in an even more basic Gnostic kind of way?  Or maybe they are just mass hysteria and all we are doing is waving our arms around giving us all placebo effects...

It makes it worse when, for whatever reason, the spirits are silent, and do not call out to you frantically as they did for me last month.

So I intend to call to them tonight instead.  MALPHAS, Hear me!

Please feel free to DL and share this file if you find it useful.

AN EVOCATION OF MALPHAS.PDF  (google docs link to Sharable PDF)

Mind the Shadows - D.H. Thorne


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