Rationalizing magick - The path of least resistance.

Sorry for the delay in posts, but caught a nice cold this week, and had to do some overtime, while sick... Ugh, but I got a bonus this week for coming in on my day off (yay money spells), so It's all good in the demonhood.

Sometimes we call on spirits, and they roar into focus with a mighty blast of power and presence.  Other times it's more subtle.

In my experience, evocations can be difficult to do in groups, too many people expecting too many things with different standards.  I might see or feel a sign, and feel the chills and my mind will get blown and that leads to my awareness opening up the rest of the way and I suddenly get signs, visions, and the magick takes me away.  

Yet with a group, especially if I need to direct people (this breaks my focus sometimes), the evocations tend to be more subtle, and lacking in really obvious sign.  I get my preliminary feelings, I see or hear a few small signs, and have to just trust that the spirit is present.

Other times, with the right group, the energies can be magnified and everything flows perfectly, and the people involved can really amplify everything.  But it has been my experience

Saturday night, was a classic example of this smaller, but still meaningful evocation.  

I am very happy with how my quick and dirty set up came out.  I personally love making my circles by carving them in loose dirt, or arranging stones and casting salt to purify.  

For those who might have missed my last blog entry, I recently released a PDF with an evocation of Malphas.  The handful of people who have read it found it to be very impressive and some plan on using it.

An Evocation of Malphas

This is a form of Chaos Ritual Magick - It is decidedly Left-Hand Path, as it does not, in the least bit acknowledge or invoke deities or anything other than the sorcerers own energy to call on the being Malphas. We don't call on some god figure to protect us or command things to happen.

We are using OUR energy and intent, to change reality.

Ritual magick - for me and many others - Feels a lot like you are role-playing or LARPING, and in that sense I see it as a kind of performance art... but unlike a play or musical, you aren't just "acting" like a sorcerer summoning a demon - going through the motions from a script.  You are FEELING and ROLE PLAYING FULLY the part of Sorcerer internally and with your mind's eye/third eye.

It is not enough to say the words, you need to hear them echo and reverberate, you need to see the energy coursing through the world around you, you need to visualize the change you want to have happen.  In other words, the performance of the magick ritual is not just in the physical actions you take, but fully 2/3 or more of it is mental and emotional.

It is my (and many others) firm belief that we can (and do) perform magick without ANY physical action at all.  You don't NEED ritual tools, robes, circles, chanting... You can do it ALL in your mind.

However, and this is key... Without those things physical, you are dangerously close to just daydreaming, and daydreaming doesn't do anything.  If it did, I'd already be the immortal god emperor of the galaxy, and my dark armies would be feared and worshipped by all sentient life forms while I teleport from planet to planet with Ricardo Montalban (In his Wrath of Khan outfit) as my manservant and bodyguard - getting stoned with mystical aliens with azure blue eyes learning the secrets of eternity...

My point is, you need to do something in the real world to channel that energy into finding a pathway into the physical world to do the thing you want to have happen.  This can be as simple as Dancing, as chanting, as doing mudra, or as complex as ritual and ceremony, or even lifestyle changes and sacrifice of life.

You need to focus your belief and intent to the point where you are on the verge of insanity, and you need to channel it into physical form.

A quick word to people who still have a feeling of doubt - Doubt is actually OK, it won't prevent magick from happening.  But it will make it harder to experience and see.  It can take time to go from 100% doubter to powerful bender of reality.

So - no matter how much doubt you regularly have in your daily life deciding if Magick is real.  When you are performing that ritual you need to pretend with every fiber of your being, that you ARE a Sorcerer and there IS a Demon just waiting for you to rend the Veil and bring it into our world.  You used to do this kind of thing a lot when you were a kid... You can do it again.

So - When you raise your hands in the ritual, you can't just raise your hands.  That does nothing.

You have to know that those hands wield powerful forces of nature and you are raising the energies or attracting the demons to you.   You have to FEEL it.  If you can't you need to practice, step by step, until you can.  This can be done with meditation very easily - I start with just basic meditation, then move to use mudras, or trying to see the energy in real life as I meditate.  For example, sometimes I will make Qi balls or cause tendrils of dark energy to pass between my hands and fingers.

With practice you can literally FEEL a magnetic push or pull, localized with the tendrils of energy or the Qi ball. and if you practice you can SEE it too.

Now, getting into this state on demand in ritual is a big part of it.  IF you can't do it, it doesn't mean the ritual will fail, but In my experience, it will be far less effective.  Your mind and body are not tuned into the frequency of these energies and thus you will be missing that one component of the performance art.

The doubter, when confronted by these sensations will ask - "Is this a real movement of energy that I feel?  Or a hallucination?"

Both.  It is both, firmly both.  As is every single other element of reality you take for granted and call real.

Skeptics and scientists will say this is just a kind of phantom limb sensation, a hallucination they can recreate in the lab.

Ignoring the fact that everything you experience works the same way.  You can fake every experience if you find the right neural pathway to tickle. Every single sensation you have is a kind of illusion produced by your brain.  Indeed, it is easier to give weight to the hallucinations that we can rationalize, than the ones we can't really rationalize by everyday science.

I had a friend ask me once if I can do Telekinesis - So I asked him -

"What is telekinesis?"

"Moving something with your mind."

I raised my arm. "There you go, yes I can."

"No, I mean something outside your body."

So I picked up a cup and smiled.

And he scowled... "No, I mean without touching it."

"Sounds to me like you are moving the goal post..."

"So you can't do it?"

"We'll see..."

An hour later, I asked him if he would do me a favor and put my cup in the kitchen sink for me.  He did it, and I laughed

"There, how was that?"

"How was what?"

"My display of Telekinesis, I got the cup to go into the kitchen sink without touching it, using only the power of my mind."

He laughed and shook his head, "That's just sophistry, you didn't do telekinesis."

"I asked you for a definition, and I did exactly what you asked me to do, you kept moving the goalpost, and are using sophistry to deny what I did... Face it, my mind made that happen, it made YOU do it.  You didn't define Telekinesis as me somehow using brain waves to levitate the cup on some thread of magick energy and make it fly around... you defined it as moving objects with my mind... I did exactly that.  I did magick.  I just did it by way of the path of least resistance..."

Some might scoff... But this is how magic works, and it works constantly in our everyday lives.  However, when we do magick intentionally, we are working on subtler terms.  We cast a circle and subtle energy moves, and change builds like the flapping of a butterflies wing causing a hurricane.

Magick, like any other energy, takes a path of least resistance.  That doesn't mean you CAN'T levitate matter around, it means you probably won't... even if you really really want to.  That would be wasteful.  Reality doesn't bend that far just because you want it to.  It bends in much subtler ways.

For example - Why should a 100 dollar bill appear in my hand out of thin air, created purely by my intent?  Do you have any idea how much RAW energy would be needed to do that?  If you converted every atom and molecule of that bill into raw energy you could power a city, possibly for weeks.  So where am I going to come up with that to reverse the process and NOT blow up my house in the process?  And if I did, the bill has to appear and not take up the same space as any other object in space, or I have to deal with them as well.  So all those air molecules have to be moved or converted or destroyed.  Even if we accept the idea of Tesla's free energy, about Zero Point Energy, about 4+1 dimensional reality... We're talking about moving a LOT of energy to do something that doesn't need to be done so dramatically.  And We are not the only consciousness trying to live off this energy and do what needs to be done.

So, why would all that happen just because I commanded it?  I'm sure some nut job will read this and declare they can... but they don't.  OR they wouldn't be living in squalor taking Risperdal for hallucinations...

So, why would it work that way when it would be much easier to have someone accidentally drop it on the way from an ATM, and have it blow circumstantially around the parking lot and land at my feet?  Where I scoop it up and record in my Journal that my money spell worked?  Even my explaination for how it works took less space than it would to explain making it materialize out of thin air.

Is it possible for reality-bending, physical law breaking magick to exist?

Of course.  I think the number of things that are truly impossible is an incredibly small list.  In reality, all impossible REALLY means, is incredibly unlikely.  As in, even if you spent trillions of years waiting, it wouldn't happen, but, if you waited long enough, it might.   All magick does is speed up the process a bit.

But really, when it does happen, it's just easier to use existing physical law to be tested by science and understood as a natural law.

So you will never win the (now ended) 1 million dollar prize by James Randi.  Even if you DID make something happen, it would always be easily explained by mundane force and events.

Look up a concept called a Boltzmann Brain - Which was actually kind of featured in the last Guardians of the Galaxy movie in the Character EGO.

The idea that a brain could materialize in the emptiness of space based solely on the random congregation of the right kinds of energies.  This is an accepted scientific concept, not at all as fringe as it sounds.

We could be such a brain and never know it.   Which would take a LOT of very very unlikely random events to happen just right.


Instead...  all life on earth is essentially a Boltzmann brain, formed out of the random aggregate of improbable but far more likely events that lead to the creation of a world suitable for life, and specifically the kind of life on this earth.  And specifically you.

Because if you think about it, you existing at all is an incredibly unlikely thing to have randomly happen.  But compared to making a thinking brain pop into existence out of random currents of energy... We, despite all our complexity, are a far more likely thing.

It begs the question, are we the result of some conscious energy that cast a kind of magick spell 14 billion years ago that said - I want a body to inhabit called (insert your name here).  Then it took a big bang and 14 billion years to make it?

That isn't a very satisfying way of thinking about magick because it implies magick is weak... But if you think about it, it would have created our entire reality as we know it, just to make us.

So it gets us again to the point... subtle changes, such as how you act in ritual, how you move energy in ritual, even if only in a hallucinatory way, have effects... and Chaotes all believe that magick is a way to manipulate chaos to do what we want.

Those demons some of us work with, could just be parts of our psyche, or they could be veritable Boltzmann brains from time immemorial that have no physical corporeal reality, but project what they want into reality by manipulating the subtlest threads of causality at both ends of time to do what they want.

I firmly believe that our reality, at least subjectively, is flexible, malleable, but that doesn't mean we can do the undoable.  Even if just because we believe we can't. Or perhaps for no other reason than we wouldn't recognize it when we saw it, or would never believe it when we see it.   And if we can manipulate our private personal reality, that change can influence the rest of objective reality.  And if you do it just right, you can even summon a demon to do your bidding - who will help you move heaven and earth into allowing you to move a coffee cup into the sink without using your hands.

All without breaking any natural laws, only you or those who worked the spell with you will know better, and the synchronistic experience of the event will be your proof.   It will be all the proof you ever need.

Mind the Shadows - DH THORNE


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