Exhausted... I release this work in the name of Malphas

Recently, I have successfully created a familiar, and I have created an in-depth guide on my methods and process.  I offer this to you now, free of charge - a lost liter so that I may gain long term.   

Praise be to Malphas for his gift of a fine Familiar, Wise Malphas and his guidance in the creation of the ritual and this document.

Please use this at your own risk and share responsibly... In so doing you give me more power, more recognition and Malphas's gifts to me are shared as I swore they would be. 

Method to Obtain a most excellent Familiar

Afterthought - I have been asked, what is the most important personal quality for a sorcerer to have?  Is it patience, will, what?

Arrogance!  That is the key. 

Arrogance forged in the crucible of experience.  It is this Arrogance, Tempered with frequent self-testing and self-proving, which gives the LHP occultists his or her greatest power.

You lack arrogance?

Don't fucking lie to me, don't fucking mock me, don't fucking kid yourself.  If you lacked arrogance you wouldn't be here seeking anything more than something to entertain you.

You are not humble.  The more humble you act, the more of a bullshit artist you prove yourself to be.

You are an Arrogant, selfish, prideful being, and that is why you do what you do, why you dare to work magick because you believe that YOU know better than the universe what to do with reality.  It's that simple.  you aren't asking god nicely pretty please for favor, you a demanding like a petulant child for the things you want, and if you are on the LHP, instead of demanding from a god, you are willing of yourself. 

And if you are powerful, if you are successful... It is because your balls are bigger, your arrogance is more on point, and you ASSERT your true will in everything you do because you are just arrogant enough to trust your intuition.

This is the key, the missing link between practicing magick and being magick.

People without arrogance practice, people with arrogance Do.  The former play it safe, they never break any eggs, and they gain a lot of knowledge but never ascend.  The latter, break a lot of eggs, make mistakes, they are the rock stars and they get results.

I can't tell you how many slobs I see, schlubs, bookworms who spend days pouring over dusty tomes, learning every pantheon of demon, even method of sigil manifestation, every ancient spell, every bit or lore...

Oh, don't misjudge me, there is literally nothing wrong with being informed like this, we should all aspire to be so informed...

But I am not interested in your encyclopedic knowledge of what others have done. 

I am interested in what is done.  What you have done, and more importantly, what I DO. 

To that end, I keep my grimoires loose and open to interpretation.  Soon someday I may go more detailed into a full complete working system... but I respect your arrogance, and EXPECT you to be arrogant, I expect you to take what I made and shit all over it and make it your own... I want you to strike out the parts you won't use, and scribble notes in about what you will do differently.  I want you to look at my work and say -

"This is a perfect canvas for me to paint my own magick into. But first I need to delete all this other shit..."

I want you to see the pattern I use, the fundamental REASON I do what I do, and to exchange any language you don't agree with, for the language you do.

To this end, I am releasing this new Grimoire, a brief 34-page work detailing the process and final ritual for the obtaining of a good Familiar.

I only release works like this on the heels of a successfull working, I don't release untested made up bullshit.  Oh, make no mistake, it's all "Made up."  A large portion of it is created intuitively, another portion or chanelled or Scry'd. 

I write this works under the glint of a crystal ball, and I gaze and enter gnosis, and enter no mind meditative states and just let the work flow.

I then go back and edit, adjust, correct, and validate with research what poured out of me.

So I hope you enjoy this humble Work.

If you use it, and get a good Familiar, Let me know!

Mind the Shadows - D.H. Thorne


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