Dude... Where's my wand?

So, tonight I was doing a fairly simple consecration of a wand to Nyarlathotep.  I found a suitable place - a secluded spot on the edge of a nearby school field where nobody would ever be likely to walk even in the daytime, let alone in the middle of the night. It was hidden near some bushes behind the practice bullpen, which is a simple Netting structure meant to keep baseballs from flying out.  Nobody walks here except during games, it's out of the way of everything, and not even where someone would walk their dog. Not even likely to be a spot where someone might smoke up, or go for a secluded piss... I never see people here ever outside of when they have a game. Here I would leave the wand to soak up the night energies and retrieve it before dawn.  I performed the simple rite and went on with my life.

Magick works best when we don't dwell on it.

Around 2 in the Morning, I started to get really sleepy, and then my skin started to crawl like I had a stray long hair or a spider crawling all over my body.  This woke me up, and I realized - OK, I won't be staying up any later, time to go get the wand, it's been like 6 hours anyway.

So, I put on my black oilskin duster, my combat boots and grabbed my ritual walking staff, and out into the night, I went.  It's about a ten-minute walk to the spot where I left the wand...

I immediately get the familiar feeling of being watched... and I notice a humanoid figure standing ahead of me on my long driveway and as I raise my eyes to look directly at it, it darts off to the side and disappears.  Once upon a time I would have freaked out and called out a challenge to fight me.

But I just snickered and walked on.

Again, not 400 steps later I look over my shoulder (still felt like I was being watched) and when I turn my head back, I notice another shadowy humanoid figure on the other side of the street, dart behind a bush under a street light...

So now I got Shadow People on my mind, not sure if they were trying to fuck with me, protect me, watch me, or were they just Nyarlathotep's servants keeping an eye on/out for me?

I got within 200 yards of the spot where I left the Wand, and my mind flashed with the image of a tall shadowy figure in a long robe of some kind kneeling over my wand, handling it, examining it, then turning it's pale yellow eyes toward me as I got closer, and standing up.

The vision stopped there as quickly as it started.

I was now within 50 feet of the spot, and I could just about see the pale stone, and circle of salt even in the pitch dark, what I began on a clear night, had become overcast and dismal!  I have superb night vision, but this was still too far away to see clearly in the dark.

Something doesn't seem right, I don't see the... I'm about to pick up the pace to get closer faster, but before I could get a good look, something solid runs into the netting of the pitching bullpen less than 2 feet away from me, making a startling combination of movement and sound where there should be none.

I hiss threateningly in response and decide...

"Maybe it was a startled rabbit? Running... toward me... and away from the bushes where it would be safe into the baseball netting next to me instead?  Yeah, definitely a rabbit..."
Though honestly, I could still see the movement of the netting and how human-sized it looked.  Like someone punched it about chest level to get my attention...

"Calm down Thorne... You're tired, you think you just saw two shadows, and your mind is playing tricks... Just grab the wand and..."

There was no wand!!!

Now... One thing I have started to understand about working with Lovecraftian Beings is they can give you the creeps, not the kind where you run in terror.  At least not if you are working with them anyway... more like the kind where you wonder why the fuck you are doing this, but then you think about all the incredible things you could gain from working with them and you try your best to snuggle up to the alien vibe of everything about them...

But this was downright disturbing.  In all my years, I have never, ever had an object I was consecrating go missing.

I bend over and look closer... the circle is undisturbed, and the pale flat rock I put the wand on is still exactly as it should be... but there was no wand!  I reached for my cell phone to use the flashlight...

Fuck! I think to myself -  if I catch whoever stole this... or kicked it... or... Where is my Phone!?  FUCK I was so tired I forgot it!  Damnit, That isn't like me!

I began bugging out... I've never had anything like THAT happen before.  Who or what would fuck with a wand left on a stone in a circle in the middle of the night in a place that sees virtually no foot traffic at all, let alone at night?

I'm thinking everything from rational explanations, to the creepiest creepy explanations I can come up with.  Did I offend the spirits?  Or did they really like my wand and decided to keep it?

Did an animal or person do something with it?

Here I am in the middle of nowhere, after 2AM, pitch dark... Mysterious shadow figures, Missing wand.  And now no phone in case I get jumped, and no light to search for the wand.

I have superb night vision as I said, but this thing is made of Ebony wood and is jet black... And... Well...  I won't lie, I had half a mind to give up... But I'm not really wired that way... I was more scared of letting myself become scared or defeatist.   So... It takes me almost half an hour, feeling around with my staff and my feet, till I finally see something black 10 feet away, near the nearby bushes that is about the right size and shape.  I drag it out with my staff and sure enough, it's my wand.

I couldn't shake the feeling I was being watched, so I stuffed the rock and the wand away safely, and on the way back had a mental flash of a shadow at the wire gate ahead of me, politely opening the gate for me.   leading back to the path home... I made it home safe N sound, not scared, but definitely slightly spooked (a common theme when working with Lovecraftian entities).

I got home, locked up tight behind me, and stood in the light examining my wand. Had I done something wrong?  Or maybe I was being given some kind of sign?  Or maybe a rabbit, smelling the incense and thinking it some kind of rare herb, took it to the bushes, only to learn it was a rod made of treated ebony?  Or maybe someone decided to walk in an out of the way secluded, almost hidden place in the middle of the night, and stumbled on it, either kicking it by accident or removing it to fuck with it.

It does have a tiny scratch/scuff mark... 2 in fact, they are in a strange place on the inside curve of the wand where it wouldn't be possible for the stone I had rested it on to make those marks, the stone was too big.   The only way it could happen is if someone took a smaller stone and scratched it in the two places intentionally.

I had my dog sniff it, thinking maybe if there is anything wrong with it, she will act out... It's pretty clear she is a good watchdog for spooks... So when she gave it a few sniffs and licked my hand as if to tell me everything was cool, I promptly wrapped it in black silk... 2 more nights to go and it will be ready for use...

Assuming It doesn't disappear somehow between now and then... At this rate... who the hell knows.

*EDIT*  So... I just checked my security cam footage on my phone... I swear I was gone from the house for at least a half hour, it takes about 10 minutes each direction to walk out and back to the spot, and I spent at least 15 looking for the wand.  So it should have been about 30-35 minutes.

According to my security camera, the time between when I left and came back?  16 minutes... Barely enough time to walk out and back without any hassle.  The fuck is going on here?

Mind the Shadows - D.H. Thorne



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