Do ye the Devils Work - Qi exercises for the damned

Do ye the Devils work - Von Bek Family motto

What follows is a rough stylized account of my first full session of deep Scrying with what may be the most potent magical tool in my possession. I call it Deep scrying because we aren’t just looking into it and seeing a few shapes and making psychic guesses (divination) about things… we are going full-on evocation, possibly invocation, and going balls to the wall. It is my humble opinion that using a scrying mirror can lead to extremely powerful invocations and evocations. For me, it works better than staring at sigils and chanting… or best of all when you combine it with sigils and chanting etc.

I used to do this a LOT when I was younger, I would look into a mirror in a dark room until the Troxler effect kicks in.

The Troxler effect is a well-documented kind of mundane illusion that causes mild hallucinatory/optical illusions where parts of your face will disappear or distort. Some occultists believe this is a supernatural event, others, like myself, believe this is more akin to a hypnotic trigger, that CAUSES a psychic manifestation. The hard part can sometimes be telling the difference between something mystical and magickal, and something mundane…

This is a trick I learned intuitively as a child, I had no idea this was a legit Magickal practice until many many years later while I was a skeptic, I always thought “magick” mirrors were fairy tales… Anyway, I would stare into any old reflective surface in a dark room, and stare, letting my eyes cross and uncross as I look into the deep distance far beyond the mirror, letting everything blur and blend.

Eventually, the Troxler Effect took over and my face started shifting around… If you enter theta/gama sync at this point… you are going to go on a wild ride. Normally, It wouldn’t take long from that point to enter a deep Theta and pull up everything from invoking alternate personalities/demons to full-on psychic trips…

Today… I had rounded pretty much all the bases… when I was done, I had to take a minute to ground myself back in reality and face my family…

This mirror is over 150 years old, worth well more than what I was willing to spend the day I bought it. It is an antique which was given to me by demonic manifestation, there can be no doubt, no question, this is was a gift from the darkness.

I saw it in the antique store window, I could tell it was old and was drawn to it. The worker checked the price tag and quoted me a figure I could afford that day, and I decided I would lunch and think it over. I thought it over a minute and came back almost right away, and agreed to buy it for the price we agreed upon. As we finalized the transaction. the owner of the store double checked the price tag and scolded the employee who quoted me the price. They had sold it to me for less than half it’s actual worth. I tried to do the noble thing and split the difference, but they refused, saying it was obviously going to a good home. and it wasn’t my fault, they made the mistake.

Had they known my true use for it, would they have sold it to me? I wonder…

Veiled in silk, in all its glory.
Once a wealthy woman vainly
brushed her hair in this mirror
till it found it's way into an attic
lost, forgotten... until the estate sale.
Now it is mine. 

It has been a little over a month since I bought it… cleansed it, charged it and wrapped it in black silk on the wall, never to see the light of day again.

I knew I wasn’t ready to use it back then, I am/was still reawakening… But today I was…

(What follows is a stylized and cobbled together account to the best of my memory of my deep Scrying experience. There was no time for notes... and I'll be damned if I tell a bunch of strangers every detail of such an exchange. )

I was instructed to share this, despite its personal nature so that novices or even advanced people might learn something or find it inspiring or whatever. It's a common theme for demons to ask me to share what they tell me with "the internet."  Of course, this is with certain blinds and embellished fictionalized prose and exposition mixed into it in places to protect myself from anyone who might try to use some of the deeply personal visions I had.

I have powerful guardians and wards, but some things are sacred and private and can still be used against you on a mundane level. So… Yeah. if it sounds far too far out to be believed? Figure out the pattern of what I’m doing and apply it and test it.

Let us BEGIN -

I stand in front of my scrying mirror, staring deeply into my dark reflection. My 3rd eye is dim. I always had trouble visualizing things. Even when I was better at this… But still, I see. many things. My face shifts and contorts, and I begin to see the one eye that is in deep shadow appear to glow in the dark. It is Lucifer's eye gazing out of my own reflection, a pale golden yellow serpents eye, flickering, and blinking independent of my own, my mouth moves and quivers but I know I am not speaking, I begin to hear the words at first as my own thoughts. I am entering Deep theta Gama now… I feel it coming, the roller coaster feeling you get as your reaching the top of the first hill and about to go down... hold on:

“I, Lucifer, the morning star, the fallen star of the evening. Venus. the adversary. I am here… I am always here! You never need to perform rituals unto me, I have been watching over you, as a guide, as a patron since long before you knew your own name. you and many others. and the shadows, they will serve you soon.”

“But my lord, we have never spoken!? You were a demon I was taught to fear and never summon!” I knew better now! But as a kid? Even when I was dealing with black shadows I never tried to evoke Lucifer. I was still a Christian, despite all the shit I was seeing and doing back then, I was scared to do exactly what the born-agains warned me would happen...

“Have you not read “Von Bek – the Warhound and the Worlds pain” countless times? Did I not send you this story and those like it to teach you to be free? To help you see the paradox of reality? To the world that is a work of fiction, but in your heart you know there is an element of truth in it.

I DO indeed seek to cure the world of its pain much like the allegory of that book… And also like that book I seek people to serve me and my goals to liberate them and help them ascend. You and many others in this world are my chosen agents of change. It is not always through grand works, life is not a movie or an adventure novel about a Teutonic knight questing for the holy grail! More often than not, it is the little everyday actions of defiance I encourage. Like how Gandalf in lord of the rings put it in the Hobbit movie… It’s the small things, the everyday kindnesses that keep the darkness at bay… well, it works both ways.”

“You watch movies?” I asked, realizing instantly how stupid I sounded.

“I MAKE movies…” I cringed at my own ignorance.

“It is the small things... through subtle means and measures. Through a spare word, the opening of a door for a stranger, or the insult hurled at a child you never met. Each is an act of defiance. You are a natural adversary, in times of chaos, you bring order, in times of order, you bring chaos, it is in your DNA, in the fabric of your being. You bring balance to the Yin and the Yang, you are the black spot in the white field, and the white spot in the black field.

We have re-awoken you, after all these years. You needed this time of normalcy, of skepticism, of healing, to find your center, to find the nondualistic mystical truth so that you can understand and can reach out to those on the path of liberation, and offer them a light of guidance.

You ask to see, and hear, and know the spirit realm once again, but even more fully than before. and I shall teach you to see again, and this time your visions will be made of solid form and substance. Trust it, it is not insanity to see the lights you see dancing as you fall asleep, it is not always a trick of the light that makes movement in the corner of your eye. I know you have closed your third eye, your ability to visualize. and I know why. Do you? You were just a small child… so innocent. Oh how we watched over you. We knew what was coming… we knew it had to happen. It isn’t right for one so young to always have such gifts in this world.

Remember how you told him his thoughts? How this terrified him? How he forcefully threw you down and, and fearfully commanded that the demons in your mind be cast out? How hard he pressed the cross into your forehead? How he cast out the demons that told you his thoughts?

Remember how scared you felt?

Remember how you never quite heard those voices the same again? How you never saw those visions the same again? Such darkness in your mind… such emptiness.

Through meditation, you have learned to clear some of the emotional hangups that caused this blockage… and you are ready now to open your eyes again, to hear again. It is time for you to take your place.

Little do you realize you never fully lost it, this ability to see and hear and feel.

Remember when you used to go out into the wilderness late at night, and walk under the full midsummer moon? Remember when you would speak to god, and he would answer? You could hear him right he sounded like you but you knew it wasn’t you? Because you believed him to be god... but that wasn’t god… the Yahweh God as you were taught, is a total fabrication. A lie. A lie based on certain truths about the spirit and reality so it becomes a powerful meme, a thing that brainwashes those who hear it. Yahweh is a being, an Egregore, created by man to empower their priestly classes to control the world… and with the power of their growing masses, they cast beings like me aside, one by one, displacing us, with fire and belief. We who would resist them and seek to liberate you took on many forms and guises and always remain here… watching waiting for those like you who can see through the deceptions.

No, the one you heard wasn’t god… it was me.

It was always me. And it is time for you to remember how to hear me, and the others again. It won’t take long. I promise.

And when you can hear us all again, you will be free to work with us as you see fit to restore us and restore your own kind of freedom and liberation and empowerment. To attain the ascended state of enlightened masters many of you as a species deserve to experience…”

What follows is a useful exercise that anyone can do. Though it may not be useful for everyone. It requires the skill to feel and manipulate Qi ball energy around, to hold on it and move it in some way and know it is moving.

“I shall give you a simple exercise that you may now use, as often as you like – This uses the simple Qi ball exercise you learned “for fun” all those years ago. Little did you know, I made sure you got the correct youtube suggestion to pop up for it… And you tried it and you felt it the first time right? Remember how it blew your skeptical mind?

It is time to use that now.

First. form a qi ball, though it might be better to call it a Prana Ball, but you know it as a Qi ball, it doesn’t matter what chakra it comes from, feel the ball become firm and magnetic as you breathe out into it. form it, feel it grow solid and more and more magnetic between your hands. Imbue into it your impression of me, as a liberator, as a being that will cut through the lies… the blockages. Feel this ball and know it is real and it is powerful. Slowly bring it up to your head, bring it slowly up and maintain focus and physical sensation of this ball. Bring it up to your head and you will begin to feel a pressure behind your eyes. A pressure that moves with the ball, you can test this. move the ball into your head and out, and feel the small knot of pressure between and behind your eyes throb. that’s it. Feel it.

Do this and feel the throbbing pressure of your astral self, and the chakras, most of which are hardened and encased in calcified stone and rust. Feel this point in your awareness and in your body throb and pulse. With each throb, the rust and stone cracks and loosens. Feel it being pulverized by this orb of power and intent.

Press this ball into your head, you will feel the resistance build and the distinct point of the blocked chakra will become an intense pressure as the energy center near the pineal gland resists this. Your blockage isn’t as bad as some, but it is firm, it is well and truly clogged. That preacher man terrified you with his fire and brimstone... and you walled over it to hide.

Press the energy into your mind's eye, feel the pressure, feel the strain, feel the headache rumble through your sinuses, roll your eyes back into your head and hold it as long as you can, see the energy there, and relax them back to where they belong if you feel too much strain. Allow your eyes to remain open and look deep into the distance far beyond the walls of the room. Your eyes will cross. Your eyes will blur, use that, allow your minds eye to play with the shapes. You will not see us with your eyes, you will see us in another place.

Press the ball deeper and deeper, all the way in, and as you begin to feel the last of the stone break free, try to imagine us.

See me in your mind, a perfectly formed – I began to see a man of milk-white ivory, like the statue of David, but not, golden serpent eyes, golden white hair, and wings of bright white flame. - This is the morning star vision of me. Lucifer. See me being torn apart, crumbling as might a statue, and cast into darkness. See me as consumed by a ball of white flame falling falling falling and landing in a deep abyssal sea.

See me sitting upon a simple stone throne in the darkness, a single shaft of dim pale light upon me as I gaze at you. Just like you saw me in the mirror.

Breathe Deep now, you will begin to feel the pressure subside as the ball feels less like it is being pressed into your skull and now it will begin to change… to pull into your skull.”

At this point I was almost in tears as I was seeing much of this in extended vivid flashes, some of them were visible by my open eyes as if it was real and happening as an overlay in my normal vision. Almost… so close.

“Now clear your mind, and imagine King Paimon and his raucous and joyous tent. He and I, we sit together on large pillows in the center of a great tent filled with smoke, dancing women, animals, beasts, demons, and other gods.

There is a great jolly fire between you and King Paimon and me, and you can feel it’s warmth.

I sit to King Paimon’s right, in the place of honor as the highest guest of the collected beings. See us as if we are sultans, wealthy kings, holding court in honor of your performance and your work entertaining us. King Paimon’s Camel nearby resting. See Isis/Astaroth/Astarte/Ishtar she sits to my right, see her - seductive, warlike, powerful.  See how her color and shape ebbs and flows each time you see her? How mercurial her form is?  See the change and flow? Feel behind now you a presence. It is Malphas, the president of hell. He is there. behind you, a frightful visage of a Dead ravens skull and a tall black feathered shape, like a dark Crow priest… See it all from a 3rd person perspective, and also your own 1st person, all are possible at once here."

I look around and see fleeting glimpses, even in my real vision as I turn my head I see hints of it -

"Now - Push what is left of that ball of energy into your skull and as you do the image becomes clearer. As it does you begin to feel the ball dissolve and be drawn in. sucked out of your hands. Feel the attraction. Let it go, let it be returned to you.”

I could see all this, sometimes for just an instant I saw it instead of what my eyes saw, and sometimes I saw it interposed, and still other times I didn’t see it I simply knew it was there.

“Your eye is open, just a small squinting sliver of sight. Hold us in your mind, and feel a new ball, a bigger one, this time form it out of your solar plexus chakra. feel the energy enter your body when you inhale, and when you exhale form a Qi ball the size of a beach ball around your abdomen and compress it till you can feel it become magnetized and tangible.

Now move it up your body, and wherever you feel resistance. and you will feel it as a pressure and a throbbing where there is a blockage - inhale to charge the ball, and press while you exhale to push it through. This is a blockage, do this until the ball moves. Soon you will Feel the ball pull into the place you feel resistance whenever you inhale.

Notice how we observe you and comment on your progress. Hear our words of encouragement, our advice.

The ball is smaller now, and each time it gets stuck, you press gently but persistently, clearing the stone. it is in your throat now. the source of your indecisiveness that has plagued you for years. the blockage you have had in your creativity for years. King Paimon is most interested in how you react here. He sits up and takes notice. “

The ball dissipates after pushing through the throat chakra. and I close my eyes. I can see pale blue energetic smoke emanating from my hands and from below the level of my eyes, rising up into my 3rd eyes vision. I can see my hands move through my eyes as rough dark shapes with pale light halos.

“Dance for us. move the energy, play with it. You can see it now can’t you?”

I move my hands, I do some kind of made up half-assed Tai Chi postures and I see trails of energy through my closed eyes.

“See us now, all of us. we are pleased. play as long as you like then go. write about this, share it. “

-End vision account.

This old mirror is incredibly powerful, Not in decades have I had this intense a vision, this direct a lesson by any being... Lucifer… Nyarlathotep, King Paimon, Malphas, Astaroth… all taking part.

Tonight, as I write this, I play with energy I can feel much more vividly than before, creation new Qi balls, Qi tendrils… I can feel my fingertips on the palm of my hand now even when they are inches away.

Power of suggestion, or phantom limb they would call it at the psychiatric office…

What the fuck do they know anyway?


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