Of higher dimensions and conjuration, alchemy, and evocation

"Don't touch that please, your primitive intellect wouldn't understand alloys and compositions and things with... molecular structures." -Ash

File this under abstract bullshitistry, and conjecture, allegorical and whimsical nonsense.  

About 20 years ago, I read a book called Planiverse, as well as another book called Flatland.  Both of these stories were essentially about the same kind of situation, a being that lives in a universe of existence that has only TWO spatial dimensions, as opposed to our 3.

In both of these stories, the authors explored the various ramifications of living in a 2-dimensional universe, how limited the beings would seem to us, and what novel ways for dealing with common everyday limitations might be found.

For example, in a 2d universe, a being that eats food via a similar fashion to how we might (by ingesting something and excreting waste), would either need to eat the food and disgorge it ALA vomit, or the being would literally have to be 2 separate halves, stitched together via a kind of intestinal zipper, so that when they ate, the food would pass through their body, and as it did so, the intestine that split the being in half (remember without a 3rd dimension an intestine is just a cut out hole through the being that splits it in half).


Overall, I feel like Planiverse is the better read, it's a bit more modernized and a bit less silly, and is presented in the form of a "real account" of a fictional series of events where a college team create a computer simulation of a 2d world that is so accurate down to the atoms and molecules, that somehow taps into a real 2d world, and the students and professor are able to commune telepathically with a being called YNDRD, who lives on the planet ARDE.

Through the allegory of the story, we learn that beings of a higher dimension can easily see into objects in the lower dimension, much as we can see inside a drawing of someone's anatomy to see the organs, if we really were looking at the flat face of a 2d universe, we could easily see inside solid objects.

We could even do things like flip a creature around to be a mirror version of itself without doing any harm to it, besides perhaps whatever harm is done in the transition from its normal 2d perspective to rotate on a 3d axis, then be placed back into the universe they came from.

We see that we would easily be able to converse with these beings in a disembodied kind of way, and any object we place into their world would appear as if it was growing out of nothingness itself.  For example, if we placed a ball inside this world, it would first appear like a single point in space-time, expand to be a large circle, and would remain like that until we either pass it the rest of the way through or pull it back out again.

The astute and observant will already begin to see the connection to the occult, how these principles, if expanded into higher dimensions, say 3rd and 4th, could explain, fully, every supernatural and occult practice, belief and experience, why it is utterly unprovable under the normal scientific law, and why there is always this strange sense of higher dimensionality to the occult.  As if the beings live in another plane of existence somehow.

Well, they very well might...

It begs the question, are we limited to a 3d spacial dimension existence plus time, or are we possibly composed of higher dimensional elements, maybe we are just the tip of a vast multidimensional iceberg?  Maybe only our biological senses are limited to the 3 spatial dimensions around us, but our true nature might consist of directions and angles at right angles to the ones we know?

This, in fact, adds a sense of plausibility to why such strange practices in the occult might be valid.  The objects we collect and use for our working might indeed be just the 3-dimensional tip of a 4 or higher dimensional iceberg itself, and might be connected on this higher dimensional plane to reality in ways we don't understand.  Maybe by intoning magick words and waving magick wands, and burning incense, we are getting the attention of higher dimensional beings, who will notice us silly little 3d limited beings and interact with us in ways we can enjoy.  Our entire reality could, for example, exist on what could amount to a 4d table, where vast beings dabble in our reality for whatever reason they desire.

Obviously, all of this is speculation, but as someone obsessed with the 23 current and Lovecraftian chaos magick in general, this speculation can be a powerful source of belief and gnosis.  It allows room for the mind to grapple with the strange ways the occult works, how it can sometimes be as predictable as a clock, and other times obscure, or totally beyond our ability to manipulate as can be.

The veil between worlds could be nothing more than just a symbol of this connection of our 3d world and the true higher dimensional world.

We could be the 3d shadows of a 4-dimensional truth and never know it.

When we conjure something, we could be literally somehow pulling a 4d object or 4d energy into our 3d plane.

When we evoke a spirit we might be getting the attention of a 4d being to come and talk to us.

When we invoke a spirit we might be literally having that 4d being stick their head into the middle of our beings and control us somehow.

I don't know, though I suspect if this is true or not.

I do believe the analogy, the allegory of this concept is entirely likely based on my experiences...

From seeing shadows and shadow people (which could be the 3d shadow projections of 4d beings).  To hearing voices, and seeing the fundamental structure of reality change in subtle but unmistakable ways when magick is afoot.

It is important for you, my dear reader, to not just read what I am saying and walk away satisfied, you need to give the subject of higher dimensions in known physics and geometry a close examination.  Just saying - Oh magick works on a higher dimension duh, the astral plane, yeah we knew that.

No... this is not quite like that, this is Lovecraftian cosmic horror style dimensionality, the angles in between type stuff.  This is scientifically plausible and valid and doesn't force the sorcerer to confront the impossibility of their belief with the cold hard reality of the skeptic's facts.

Obviously, if James Randi or other skeptics test us, it is with the dogmatic belief that what we do is a mechanical knowable process that works (or should work) like a vending machine, where one pulls the arm and candy falls out, in a repeatable predictable fashion.

Skeptics and many of us assume the psychic, or sorcerer is always working within the 3d reality of our known spacetime laws, and that this supernatural power they have isn't real because they can't do it on command, and there is no testable energy or movement or anything going on.

This is a valid interpretation of the facts, just as it would be in a flatland universe...

IF someone asked YNDRD to PROVE he was talking to other beings, the best he could do without the cooperation of beings in the 3rd dimension is flail in desperation and prattle on about anecdotal evidence of what he experienced.

Because he is, for whatever reason, unable to BEND or MOVE or EXIST in the directions necessary to cause a paranormal change in his 2d spacetime plane.

I have often thought of a thought experiment, how might we cause a 2d object to move in a 3d direction without the aid of an object in the 3rd dimension to act on it? Because it relates to us... how would we maybe move in 3 dimensions to cause movement in the 4th?

For example, how could we collide two 2d objects together so that their impact might force one of them to jump UP in the air, not just forward back left or right?  If their energy is limited to 2d directions... is it possible to make it go any other direction?

Or maybe we could somehow spin something and somehow using centrifugal force cause the spinning object to experience gyroscopic precession like a top does?  But gyroscopic precession only happens because a top exists in a 3d universe and the substance it is made of is distributed around a 3d matrix.   In other words, it gyrates in 3d because it IS 3d.  If it was 2d, it might not do it at all.

Or maybe it would and the observers would simply claim any distortions they see in the object are compression or deformation of the material... Much like we might see in a similar experiment?

Truly, this is a maddening thing to try and think about... every part of the problem illudes our rational minds because we have never seen this direction that is at 90 degrees to all normal space.

We simply can't visualize it, and while our math can predict things about it, it too can't prove or disprove it.   Even if it interacted with our 3d universe, that interaction might appear to be normal fundamental laws of reality operating as predicted.

For all we know then the simulation hypothesis has an even bigger possible origin, maybe we aren't just a computer program, but a 3d hologram projected by a 4-dimensional reality.  Much in the same way our computer screens create a 2d hologram that looks like 3d.

How might this impact what you do?

I don't know, I don't care, but if I were you, the next time a skeptic comes at you with the usual nonsense about James Randi, or proving it, or whatever...

Politely explain to them, you are just experimenting with the plausible possibility that we are meager 3d beings who have the capacity to interact with a 4d universe...

That we and all our scientific tools might really be blind to the 4th spatial dimension, maybe only some kind of vibration is possible for us to use to interact with that 4th spatial direction.  In a sense, we might feel the vibration of the 4d universe, and then we can interact with it with vibrations of our own?

Or maybe something about us might be sticking up into that dimension that allows us to sense our magickal 4d space just enough to occasionally interact with it... Like the fin of a shark occasionally rising above the waves and feeling the air...

We as occultists need to stop being lazy and using "quantum physics" which most of us do not even remotely understand, such as spooky action at a distance to explain what we do.

That is clumsy and based on the knowledge we actually do not personally have any understanding of.  Whenever I see some occultist talk about quantum physics or string theory or Einstein to explain what they do, I want to slap them, because I HAVE studied these things enough in an armchair fashion to know that none of those things work the way occultists think or hope they can.  Just because you took a lock of your enemies hair, doesn't mean there is quantum entanglement between that hair and the victim that you can use to hurt them by hurting the hair.

It's just not within the realm of the facts for them to work that way.

More likely the hair is still attached to the person in the 4th spatial dimension and any effect you are having on them is because of that angle of approach, and if the connection is severed you might not even be able to tell because it might be beyond your senses.

But if magick could be geometrical in nature... If my hunch is right... It is literally undeniably possible and with the proper work we might be able to construct a working model of magic based on sound mathematics and principles...

In other words... Lovecraft could have been right all along.  If he is right about the geometry of the supernatural... Maybe he is right about everything else?

I guess just in case I better continue working with the old ones and Nyarlathotep... Just in case.


PS just found this blog post after I finished mine - As I often say, there are no new ideas anywhere... not that I expected my post to be a novel new idea, it's really kind of obvious.  But I enjoy arriving at deep ideas on my own when I can.  https://lovecraftianscience.wordpress.com/tag/4th-dimension/

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