Introduction to Psychosomatic induction - Hypnosis, Trance, and Gnosis

“But my dear man, reality is only a Rorschach ink-blot, you know.”

― Alan Wilson Watts

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Human beings, in the holistic sense, are better thought of as an organism-environment field (Watts again).  Any change in one, can and does elicit a change in the other.

Just as a cool breeze can feel wonderful, clear our stress and make us daydream of other worlds.  Having a bad temper or performing ritual arte or singing a song can change the environment around us in measurable ways.

We are not separate from anything, every point in space-time is the center of its reality, its relative subjective experience a confirmation of the subjective experience of all the points around it.  We are all I.  The same I.  Just being I from a unique perspective in an objective time-space field of interaction, some call the matrix, others simply call reality.

If one "I" moves, all the other "I's" must agree to move as well, or nothing happens.  When it happens it sets off a chain reaction of synchronized causality forward and backward in time.  The end creating the beginning, the begging always being the end of what was before.  And endless, ever-changing wave of NOW going nowhere in an infinite ocean of possibility.

Truly, if a butterfly beats its wings on the African plains, a hurricane may flatten a trailer park in Florida.  But we can't blame the butterfly for its flight, it simply sought the nectar of the flower, which in turn was the result of chemical processes initiated by the sun, all of which a result of the death of a giant star billions of years ago, that formed out of the coalescing energy of the big bang, which came from a point, a singularity of energy... the source of all intent and change.  We were always there as we are here now.  Only our form was changed.

Cause and effect are one, the master is the slave.

Thus spoke Zarathustra, and there was light and dark at long last. As god died, killed by the man who ascends to godhood as the ubermensch the cycle never ending.

Different energies, interact in important ways.  Sound being a kind of kinetic energy - can induce heat, light or motion in objects.  Just as heat or motion can create sound.  Electricity can generate light and heat and magnetism, and thought... what is thought? What is the mind? What is the spirit?

The physical manifestations all around us are mind and spirit.  How we see, feel, and intuit the universe is a key to the creation of reality.  Reality originates, not from the big bang alone, but from the willing participant's mind to see a big bang.  They co-create, they are a mutually emergent phenomenon.  As the mind creates matter out of the ether, the mind is made of that same matter an emergent self-synthesis.   The ethereal no-thing of zen metaphysics coalesces in the mind of the observer into a thing, a substance, a form.  Which then struggles to transcend and see nothingness yet again.  As birth and death are one, so is enlightenment and ignorance.

Zen is a finger pointing at the moon, The finger points at the moon directly and correctly, but sadly most people focus on the finger.

It all begins with the identification of extremes, creating gradients of energy and mass, which leads eventually to the creation of boundaries between gradients.  A Rorschach inkblot of causality and dialectic chaos appears, which the mind further refines into meaningful and separate shapes, colors and patterns.  These patterns do not exist in reality, they only exist in the subjective experience of the observer, and only becomes objective reality when the observer imagines a separation of itself from itself creating the dualism of objective physical plurality we see in our daily world.

Those with insight or intuition may already see the import of these ideas, how, if they hold any rational value, they can be used to meddle with the fundamental form of reality we experience.

As we alter our subjective perceptions and act on them accordingly, "reality" in the objective sense is then shifted, usually imperceptibly.

Know then that this is the true nature and source of political, social, and ritualized power.  Know that you are already doing it, you are already working magick, but not as an individual, but as a whole.  The right-hand path teaches submission to the greater good, Dao, force, whatever.  The left hand teaches us to be that power and be conscious of it and manipulate it willfully as an ascended being.

This is not free will, because there is no other will for you to be free of.  It is conscious will.  Knowing you ARE will, and your will is the only will that you will ever know in your life.  If you are a slave, it is because you made yourself a slave, if your house burns down by a lightning storm, you did it.  You do all of it all the time.  Wearing different masks so as to enjoy the spectacle.  To hide the mechanics of the game so there are mysteries and fun in knowing the unknown.

To work miracles, to manipulate reality, you must know that you can.  That there are cheat codes built into the subconscious interface. The ancients didn't know why, but they knew how.  Much like a caveman knew how to make fire with a spark, but didn't know how it worked.
Much like some kid accidentally figured out how to do a finishing move in mortal combat, and like magic makes it happen time and again.  Or how kids would teach each other the Konami code for infinite lives, the ancients found patterns that evoked change in themselves, patterns of thought, patterns of action, patterns that evoked daemons and spirits, and forces that very well could have been psychosomatic or drug-induced realities, or more astonishingly, these could simply be other beings, like you and I, who are also I like we are I, just more aware of the true nature of reality than we typically are, acting as teachers, and guides, and gurus, and adversaries for us to test ourselves against.  (indeed most advanced occultists tell you that these beings want you to ascend to learn to do for yourself what they might do initially).

But unlike the patterns of objective reality, these patterns are subjective and may not always work for everyone.  This is why magick and spiritual occultism is so desperately culturally specific.  If you try to get a Japanese person of Shinto faith to work with Djinn, they will possibly struggle until they find some corresponding key of similarity that allows them to associate them with Kami or other beings of their faith.  This is why a Christian is fearful of the daemon and cannot work with them without an enormous overhaul of spiritual belief.

These are memetic entities, cultural metaphors which trigger in our subconscious psyche the "Konami Code" of spiritual manifestation.  Case in point, my use of the term Konami Code, it is highly likely you know what this is, and if you do, this clicked in your mind and fired neurons of intuitive understanding that programmed you to understand a thing you might not have understood before. The syntactical, memetic relationship would not work for a boomer who never played video games.

What's more, some patterns work only on your screen, no one else's, causing you to have an overlay of new information or control others do not.  As an Empath, I can sense nonverbal cues that most people miss, or are unaware they give off.  These nonverbal communications create a psychic link, which is utterly rational in its origin, except where the intuitive nature of how I use this hidden language gives me an advantage in manipulating and charming you.  Knowing your mood, or inner monologue isn't enough, I have to know how to influence it, and work with it, that this is the Arte, that is the magick.

Today, with the globalization of knowledge and culture, the internet, and interplay of individuals and ideology of many cultures, we can now piece together the basis of what can become a new model of magick, of reality itself.  People like Joseph Campbell did astonishing research into this field and his discoveries and those of people like him are important sociological truths that have been occulted by the dominance of right-hand religious enslavement via the Abrahamic lies... Not that everything in the Abrahamic faiths are "wrong" so much as they are corrupted and are chains of control, not freedom or anything resembling enlightenment.  But one cannot argue with the power of prayer, a low-level dogmatic ritual magick if ever there was one... that works in the aggregate but fails for the individual because it is little more than a superstition and a ritualized manner of worrying.  A way to manipulate masses of people and give power to the church, or synagogues, or mosques, and their leaders. Or hell awaits the unfaithful...  the unbaptized, the unclean, and so on.

Each person, each experience and each event holds a piece of the puzzle and unlocking the pieces, can require a fundamental shift in the perceptual holistic interplay between the mind, the body, and the spirit of reality.

Enter Psychosomatic induction, Trance, Meditation, and Gnosis.  (let it be known I use the term Psyuchosematic to include more than the medical field, but the psychological and holistic totality of being based on a biological/psychological response to stimulus)

These are a set of personal skills I have mastered.  And continue to master more and more.  They are easy to master because they require nothing more than regular practice and a few basic insights and assumptions.  Some, like advanced yogis, can stop their hearts, while others like qigong masters can seemingly defy the experience of pain.

But these are parlor tricks, These Sidhi are the foothills of enlightenment, like being able to do multiplication in your head, but not really be good at math beyond that.  They are just one branch of a much larger tree of power.  And often these mystics who perform these Tricks are cheating or lying.

The key, the core, the fundamental path is perceptual, and with perception follows everything else.  Being able to empty the mind utterly, or focus utterly are the absolute keys to working your will into subjective and then objective reality.

You learn that working the most powerful magick is transactional, not manipulative, you must push, and the thing being pushes must consent, essentially pulling with you,  and in turn, it must push reality around it, which must reciprocate this movement.

You could never force this to occur against its will.  It must yield and you must trust it will do so.  But the key to that is trusting the push that is being fed into you to do the working.

Did you win the lotto because you cast a spell?  Or did you cast a spell because you won the lotto?

I got news for you... but you will only believe it if you learn to enter these states of awareness.

Any serious practitioner knows or needs to know this to be consciously empowered. This requires being aware of the movement. Being sensitive to it.  To have an open third eye, or to feel the force or know the current.  The most advanced practitioners of any magick, or mystical arte, have learned to sail, or surf, not swim against the current, or forcefully motorboat through reality.  They find the currents, they find the tide and the wind, and they use the energy and intent of the totality of reality to fill their sails and propel them where they desire to be, using only the self-actualization required to turn the rudder or rig the sails to become an unstoppable force of nature.

Like a gem cutter, cutting a diamond by finding the lines of cleavage, with a careful eye and a few gentle taps, a jewel is formed beyond compare.  The master of the arte is like this.

You may already be beginning to sense that my words here may be designed to appeal to a certain kind of mind, to entrance you.  To ensorcell you into a kind of gnosis.  A state of dream and inspiration.    For many of you what I am talking about here will sound like nonsense, but for some of you, you might be feeling a kind of chill running down your spine, or a sense as if you have always known this but no one has said it like this before, this means we are in synch, and it is for you who this blog is dedicated.

For those of you experiencing this now, who don't yet know it as I know it, or want to know more.

You are ready to cast the curtain aside and see into emptiness. But know the emptiness you see is your own. Not mine.

Let us begin...

(I will release a series of lessons as the inspiration strikes me, the first one will be within 24 hours of this posting.).

Mind the Shadows - D.H. Thorne

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