Basic Meditative induction - Empty your mind by filling it first.

Disclaimer - 

Despite everything here being regarded as SAFE by me to do to MYSELF, and very low level and basic by any experienced practitioner.  A lot of people are dumb and today's world is full of lawsuits over less dumb shit than this.

So do not try any of this nonsense.  No really, this isn't safe to do on your own or with friends or anyone that isn't some kind of expert and willing to take the risk of you suing them. this is forbidden knowledge of the highest order, and if you do it wrong you will die, demons will eat your family and nobody you ask out on a date will answer your calls anymore.

Some idiot out there reading this RIGHT NOW has asthma and will do some of the breathing exercises I outline, and will fucking die.  Well tough shit, I told them not to.

Or some psycho with schizophrenia will try some of my visualizations and be attacked by black gibbering Jub Jubs and grab a shotgun and kill their neighbor because they are the Jub Jub King.

If you do any of this and it fucks you up.  Fuck you, I'm not responsible.  You have been warned.  That goes double for any mention of "substances."  Which I won't mention, but if you do them while working with this material it can really... REALLY make for balls to the wall experiences that only people who religiously follow Phish or the dead around while endlessly quoting Terrance McKenna could ever possibly handle. 

Been there done that Warning - 

Some of this is going to be dry. some of this is going to be wordy. Obviously, I'm writing this in a mischievous tone to make up for it. But some of this will read like a new age self-help book. Or seem like very basic instruction. I assure you this is simple for a reason. Simple WORKS. If you don't need those parts due to being a more advanced ascended master and holder of The Ten Keys of Hermes Trismegistos, and or you are a general in one of the 40 legions of Astaroth, skip them. 

This post is for the newbs. But at least skim them to see if there is anything either of us missed (I can use all the page reads I can get)

Basic induction - Lesson 1 

I do not want to insult you, but 95-99% of every western occultist, or spiritualist, have little real understanding of the things I am talking about regarding meditation or emptying the mind or focusing.  Most people reading this are self-taught, and few have spent any time studying or training themselves to empty their minds.  Obviously many have actually done this, obviously, there are some like me who have mastered it for themselves.   And Chaotes have a special relationship with what I'm detailing here so they above most others will find this useful, or already be capable of it.

But chances are, if you are reading this, you might have heard all this before, but never really done it regularly... You may KNOW how to do it, but don't do it really, and can't really do it well.

This isn't the fun part where you dress up in black and do a ritual and scare normal people, or the part where you draw a cool sigil...  this is the WORK and PRACTICE part.  In my vainful, hubristic opinion it is THE most important foundational psychic skill you can have.  The ability to use altered states of consciousness at will and with self control, is and should be your first best skill. Magick can be done without it, but far less effectively.  Sooner or later you will learn this, at least a little bit, either because of instruction like this, or intuitively while working with daemons, or the current that calls to you most.  but why do it the hard way?

Having the ability to reach mindfulness and emptiness or total focus without training is a rare gift.

But it is a gift that can be earned.  You can steal the fire of the gods and rely no more on the erratic lightning to strike down a tree in fire.

Now, meditation and gnosis should be seen as Medicinal not dietary.  You shouldn't make it a regular mundane activity.  You do on purpose.  If it happens on its own as a natural part of your life, that is one thing.  But making it a regular ritual like brushing your teeth, will spoil its meaningfulness.

It MUST be special and it must be reserved for when it is needed or when it happens on its own.  Keep in mind, the meditation does nothing by itself, but the state of mind is a powerful one.  It is pure potentiality and interfaces with the greater whole, a synthesis of intent and action.  Doing it on purpose with no real purpose in doing it, teaches the mind to do nothing with the power it has.  It becomes spiritual masturbation in the worst sense.

Only early on when you are learning it should you do it daily.

I am somewhat well versed in several eastern traditions methods and some western psychological methods.  but these are no better or worse, no more complete or less complete because they all reach the same fundamental state... They just do it differently and do different things with it.

But I will not be releasing dogmatic methods from other spiritual paths in these articles, other than to report on them anecdotally, I will not be talking about Kundalini, or Chakras, or third eyes, or any of that noise.  I will not be quoting the big book of hypnosis and meditation.  I am going to distill my understanding down to a simple method that should appeal to any westerner practicing the left-hand path or other western occult tradition, that wants to avoid any dogmatic noise.

So, if anything I will be focusing on purely essential, and generally universal psychological symbolism to help you get better at Gnosis and emptiness or focus. Each element of this serves a functional purpose and a memetic purpose.  Each one is as much a symbol as a scientifically tested component.

Some of you will call this elementary, if you are beyond this post, understand I didn't write it for you.
But for the newbs as I said earlier.

Basic universal methodology - 

Some practices are universal, that is they apply to virtually every method of meditation and serve as the starting basics of every path I am going to try to show you.

Comfort - 

We are essentially creating a similar effect as a float tank without the expense or mess or water. You want every physical distraction to be eliminated, only when you reach a higher state of practice can you do away with this need.

You must be seated comfortably, you can try a variety of postures from kneeling to seated or laying down.  If you want to do this laying down, lay on your BACK, not your side, not your stomach. I cannot stress this enough.  The back is the ideal laying posture for entering altered states of consciousness, and for good reason, the alignment and the way the organs lay in the body are optimal for helping you tune out the physical body.  but a proper seating posture is as good or better.  Everyone is different, and there is no WRONG way, eventually with practice posture won't matter, sitting standing, walking driving... you can do this anywhere any time, but for now.  Experiment with a posture that works for you.

For any posture - Absolute balance and equilibrium of your structure is KEY.  You don't want any pressure points, no stress points, no stretching feelings, no leaning feeling, no strain, no effort at all.  The idea is to hide the distracting signals of the body from interrupting your gnosis or mindfulness or focus.

when seated - You want every bone in your spine to be aligned, stacked, and balanced in such a way that it takes no effort at all on the part of any muscle to keep you stable.  This can require a bit of swaying and movement at first until you find a position where you won't fall over.  With practice, you can do this standing so that even if you lose consciousness you can remain standing unless knocked over by an outside force.  I can do this on rare occasion, I love doing it in the shower, with the warm water cascading down a body that I barely feel.

A lot of sources make a big deal about guided relaxation at this point, starting with alternating stretching and pulling and relaxation of each part of the body.  If this is what you want to do do it.  But it is not required.  That is more useful for hypnotic induction.

Your head, neck and every other appendage should be stable and require no effort to keep stable.  Nor should there be any strain or stretching feeling.

Also - Don't bring up basic bitch new age Yoga to me, neither of us would know true yogic postures or teaching, even if we flew to India and fell in with a secret cult.  It is not a path most of us have ever, or will ever experience first hand short of total immersion in that culture.  This method borrows ideas from asian methods, but is NOT Asian, it is chaote, and or western focused!  As I said, it is NOT going to be about Kundalini, or Chakras or third eyes.  These are universal ideas, intentionally so.  The handful of people who DO know those paths would never be bothered to use anything I am saying here anyway.  This is the quick and dirty path.  I mean no disrespect to those people, nor my own method, but facts are facts.  I am not a Yogi.

Breathing - In each and every method, breathing is key, for focused breathing you will be focusing on the breath, but for mindful or no mind gnosis, the key is neutral or effortless breathing.

In the former, you will be measuring your breath in heartbeats, or seconds or a silent count. either speeding up or slowing down as required. I have gotten to a point of negative slow breathing where my breathing was so shallow and slow, you needed a mirror to know I was breathing at all.  This state is like drowning in sleep.  It is only to be attempted when you get a fairly good level of control, and only when healthy.

This is utterly mind-blowing to do when scrying or meditating.  It can feel like death or being high as fuck.

With rapid breathing, you can reach a point where you are breathing so fast you are not getting any nourishment from the air in your lungs, and reaching a state of hyperventilation, which at first feels euphoric, but can lead to loss of consciousness. Essentially your lungs are better are removing CO2 than your body is in creating it.  You need a certain balance of blood gasses or you go night night, or dizzy or throw up. You can even suffer cardiac arrest.  Fuck that, for now stay in neutral breathing. Advanced students learn to ride the edge of euphoria, only hyperventilating to a certain point and then pulling back and slowing down their roll, or doing exercise to restore balance.  This is exhausting and often unnecessary but is worth learning or doing at least once in your life.  I give the average person 4 or 5 minutes of this before they stall out, get burning lungs, and or crash or pass out.

But being able to do this in ritual can really rev you up.  Trying to summon up certain fiery and aggressive demonic forces?  Scared of the boogeyman outside the circle of protection? Feeling like you might need to fight someone?  Being able to do this has benefits in all walks of life.  But again, only if your lungs can handle it.  So quit smoking and do SOME cardio once in a while. (this message brought to you by the american heart and lung association).

Environment and situations- This is a huge variable and depends a LOT of you.

I enjoy sungazing with my eyes closed Staring at the sun but through my eyelids, this is really interesting and can create all kinds of visions and daydreams.
I enjoy the utter darkness.
I enjoy mesmerizing on a focus object (like scrying, you focus on an object intently)
I enjoy floating
I enjoy storms
I enjoy being slightly buzzed at parties.
I enjoy after a heavy workout...
All of these are environments or situations or times that work well for me.  But sometimes just sitting in my computer chair staring at some youtube video with music playing will do it.

I will try to describe some environments in some of these methods that work best for that method, but you should experiment.  If you need to listen to Enya and burn lavender and sip pumpkin spice lattes, do it.  If you need to sit in a dark room with a single black candle listening to Slayer... do it. but for the begginner silence, or white noise is best.

My own original method - Achieve emptiness by practicing fullness and focus. 

This works very well for all kinds of thinkers. Visual, subvocal, etc.

You will need the following - 

A dark room with a comfortable chair and a table or other pedestal upon which to place a plain black tablecloth or similar black covering.  And a black or dark candle, with enough room to also lay a sheet of paper, and a pen or crayon (do not use these unless you need them, keep them handy but off the table).

Real Music is not recommended, but ambient audio tracks that aren't repetitive or annoying or white noise is ok and helpful. (I love Cryochamber albums for this).

Incense is optional.  I like unobtrusive scents for this, but if you have a mix that puts you in a ritualistic mood, USE that.  The sense of smell is the most powerful sense for evoking emotion and memory.  there is a REASON incense and aromatherapy is so effective.  Back in ancient times, a woman would give a man he handkerchief with her perfume on it, because back in those days, a whiff of the perfume was enough to evoke a clear image of the person in it.  Consider people didn't have pictures in their wallets or on a phone, and so their visual memory was a bit more developed.  It was like a photograph.  This can bring big dividends in all forms of Magick or ritual to be aware of this obscure factoid.

You may also want to place a small sigil of some importance or meaning under or in front of the candle just out of sight in your periphery, just to tell your subconscious this is an occult activity (this helps with future mnemonic triggering during ritual).  But do not focus on it, or try to empower it or anything for now, it's just ambiance to enjoy in a submental way, if it is meant to be empowered today, it will be, even if you don't try to do it on purpose.  So beware if it's anything dangerous. I never made it a regular thing, but every little bit of suggestion to your subconscious will help.

If you have a magickal alter, you can decide to use it for this if you want, but be aware it might distract you if it is decorated or cluttered.  OR it might inspire you and create a stronger mnemonic trigger that will help you reach this state on command during ritual.

I would suggest for the first few attempts, try to do this with a plain empty table.

The candle and table MUST be black or some other dark color because if it is too bright, you will have more to take in and focus on.  Focus on only the flame, and try to ignore the rest of the candle.  you are going to Let the flame mesmerize and hypnotize you. If you end up having to use the sheet of paper, it is up to you what color to use, white will, of course, stand out more.

This is essentially candle scrying without divinatory intent to see anything, but instead an intent to shut the mind up by focusing on things to occupy the mental fidgetting we all do until trained properly.

It doesn't get too much easier to set up than this folks. Short of just sitting alone in the dark.

Set up in a position where you can focus on a single, lit black candle in a totally dark room in a comfortable balanced posture, with very little distracting noises.

You will sit, and stare at this candle and focus all your attention on it.

If you find your mind begins to wander with subvocal chatter, I want you to start intoning a vowel sound.  Ahhh, oooohh Uhhh, ooohmmm Aaaooo... Whatever comes out of you most naturally.  Focus on the sound, but don't give it meaning.  With each exhaled intonation, allow your inner dialogue to sing the same tone.  Feel the resonance if possible.  Sometimes a room or ambient music allows you to resonate with it.  This can be powerful all on its own.

For your breathing I want to you notice that your breath comes and goes without effort, I want you to feel when breathing out as if a bowling ball is dropping down into your chest pushing the air out... you don't have to push at all, the air just falls out.  Don't squeeze the air out, just find where it feels right to stop and don't bother trying to inhale.  That's right, just relax in that spot.  don't force yourself NOT to inhale, just don't try to do it on purpose.  Give it a few seconds and you will notice your lungs automatically begin to suck in air and the air will rise in your lungs till it reaches a comfortable point, and you will feel that bowling ball again... let it drop, and repeat this consciously for a while while focusing your intent on that candle flame. all while intoning the vowel sound if you hear or think in words. focusing on the sound of the vowel sound.

Now, you will feel little splashes of thought, be it visual or subvocal but just let them pass.  Do NOT try to suppress them.  You may find the first thought you are aware of is:

"Holy shit I stopped thinking for a second... wait... fuck I just thought something... shit I did it again!"  and so on. This is beginners anxiety, we all do it at first.

Just let it jabber away, and try to pretend those thoughts are just noise.  Pay no attention to what the words are saying. focus on your breath, on your intonation, on the candle, just let thoughts come and go if they happen, and ignore them.  Forgot the feed the cat?  Fuck her, let her go catch the mouse in the kitchen, that lazy mooch! Nose itches?  Good scratch it, don't think about it just do it.

At some point, you will feel utterly focused on the candle flame.  At some point, that bad boy is burned in your retina.  A white hole that is burning into your mind. 
When you feel (not think) like it's all you are thinking about, blow it out, and cease intoning any sounds or drawing any patterns.  Notice how it remains in your vision as an afterglow for a while.  Focus on that afterglow and try to see it in your mind as a burned in image without trying to hold it too tight.  Just acknowledge it, and watch it fade into darkness and silence.  Let your thoughts come and go but focus on the space between them.  So if you mind says something stupid, just focus on that fading flame, don't worry about the words.  As it fades let your visual thinking processes fade with it, don't try to hold on to it anymore or bring it back.  The object is to let go, not hold on.

What you will find, with a few attempts, is for a brief moment your mind will shut up, and shut down.  It might be for a second or a minute.  You don't think any words, pictures or anything, but you will be aware of things around you.

However long it is, don't panic, don't try and hold it.  Just experience it.  This is your reward.  If you want to get all pavlovian about it, whenever it works and your mind empties for a second, eat a piece of candy, or have a smoke or drink a sip of tea or something.  you can even just give yourself a compliment and mean it.  Any kind of positive reinforcement will help.  I didn't bother doing that much.  But I know it works.

Keep in mind AGAIN this is only a few minor intentional steps away from full blown candle scrying... you may see visual artifacts, or go into a trance of a divinatory nature. never fight this.  Ever.  Just roll with it.  There is a reason it is happening, don't be scared if this is a new thing for you.  If you do start seeing things, don't panic, rejoice later, right now -  study and remember the visions or sounds or smells and feelings and WRITE THEM DOWN before trying this again. This is a fringe benefit of this method, you may learn two paths at once, but your goal today is not scrying, but emptiness and focus.  Pick one and for now, ignore the other.

If you can do this for any length of time, congratulations, you just entered no mind, or empty gnosis as I call it.  This is a powerful state of experience, and with practice, you can do this longer and longer, and eventually do it consciously and act normally while holding this emptiness state. There are many people who never need training or practice to do this, and they are often highly effective people in general.  You will often feel dreamlike, and totally aware like reality is a lucid dream and you will feel a connection to a powerful current of knowing without knowing. Other times it feels more mundane, but peaceful.

No, you aren't an ascended master now, you will still make mistakes and bumble and be a normal person, but you will be able to focus on tasks and feel things you might otherwise miss.  Your words might flow, and your intuition will soar.
If you can perform a ritual or sigil charging in this state of mind... holy crap.  That is all I can say. Things will GET REAL REAL FAST.

Variation of method 1:  For the fidgeter.  

If you are finding it impossible to sit still, instead just using a candle, I want you to sit at a table with a pen or crayon or something you can write with without being too distracted, and a sheet of paper.  I want you to draw a circle (any shape is fine, but the circle is best for many many reasons, some of which include simplicity, as well as being a powerful symbol for your subconscious mind to dwell on while doing this).

I want you to just draw the circle, over and over, intoning your vowels, staring at the flame, mesmerizing into it.  Do everything else as before, except this time, when you put out the light, also stop drawing.

Beware what you find in the drawing when you are done... this is only a half step from automatic writing.

Variation of method 2:  For the "singer that won't shut up."

If you find you have an earworm, a song in your head over and over and over... this can be an almost impossible obstacle even for someone like me.  When this happens, I believe it is a sign your mind is bored and needs stimulation and challenge.  Which is impossible if you are already tired and stressed from work or family drama, which is why this often becomes a debilitating illness when you need to sleep for work... lying awake for hours on end, with the theme to the Jetsons playing in your mind on a loop.

There are several home remedies for this, but the only one I found to work for me is to either do an engaging puzzle, read a chapter of a grown-up book, or to try to change the song without singing a different song.

So for example, if you have "Take on me" by Aha on repeat in your skull, try changing the lyrics to something silly, and try changing the melody so that the notes are different, but the rhythm is the same.  Do this for a few minutes while in your meditative or sleep situation and you might have good results getting rid of the earworm.

Exercise can also help, but you often have to really go all out.  not really a good idea in every situation.

Variation of method 3: For the incessant subvocal thinking type

For those of you who literally CANNOT SHUT UP your inner monologue, part of the problem is, you are understanding the words. What you need to do, is lose the meaning of the words.

One of the benefits of Mantras, is they are a repetition of words, either that you know or don't know, that are already just sounds, or become just sounds.

Have you ever said your name or some other word over and over again till it loses all meaning for a while? It just becomes a noise?

If not, that is what you are going to do here.

Sit in the dark room with the candle as before, and instead of intoning a vower sound, pick a word, a serious word or a silly word. silly words are easier, but you might be tempted to think a normal word if your inner monologue is bratty enough.

A few silly words I found through google include -







Alternatively, if you feel like you need something more meaningful, pick a normal word, or even your own name. A personal favorite of mine in the old days is to use the name of a daemon or entity I am allied with, this has the dual role of strengthening the bond and reaching wordless thought.

Other distractions can be harder to deal with if you are experiencing chronic pain, or some other physical distraction (if I get itchy or inflamed from an allergy I am a lost cause... I just can't get past it if it's bad enough). But you should still TRY. Pain, at least to a point, ironically, is the easiest one to do this with. Probably because most of us intuitively and instinctively shut down some of our conscious perception of pain when it reaches a certain threshold.

I have found that I am able to detach from pain to a certain extent better than most others. But this is not something easily taught as the method has to be somewhat personal. As Kwai Chang Caine said in an episode Kung Fu the Legend Continues... while holding his hand in a flame and not even making a face... "The trick is not minding that it hurts ... One can absorb pain until it becomes a part of oneself. And then it can inflict no wound."

To use this for improving your ability to hold Focus in ritual

The benefit of this method is, you are learning to be both focused, and empty minded at the same time. All that focus on the candle, the drawing, the intonation etc. Each of those components can be used by themselves to learn to focus as much as to empty your mind.

To make it more about focus... Instead of letting go of the image of the candle, HOLD IT. HOLD IT and think of nothing else. Do this as LONG as you can.

I am far less good at this, but some people I have known can do this for a long time.

The real trick is if you can be focused, but still, act and think despite of this focus.

It's a kind of transcendental multitasking that is HARD to do voluntarily.

We sort of do it all the time normally, we are often distracted by our thoughts and still are able to drive, or hold a conversation.

But doing this on purpose and keeping your mind focused on a single idea or concept or sentence is really hard.

Imagine for example trying to memorize a phone number by repeating it, while at the same time trying to write an email to your Aunt Sally.

Even with training, it is much harder to focus and still act normally, than it is to let go of all thought and act naturally.

Final Thoughts and things to come

That about wraps up the basic methods of meditative induction I have used to begin and later advance. At some point, you will no longer need candles or distractions.

I will talk more about advanced methods (some of them a little dogmatic) in future posts, like trying to see your own eyes move in a mirror, or using basic Kuji hand mudras or occult hand postures that have universal appeal apart from dogma... and I am eager to talk about ways to put these basic methods to work for you. (here's a hint, the advanced methods and application of these methods in ritual or other work is related or in some cases exactly the same).

Now, keep in mind here, I am not here to be your guru, or another occult know it all author (toooo late), or someone that sells you books on how to open your 3rd eye or evoke lucifer with a sigil I made up while scrying. I am not that guy. I don't think my ways will work for anyone else.

I am an Entertainer FIRST, an exhibitionist SECOND, and a TEACHER LAST. Follow me if you want to get lost and go crazy. Fear me for the same reason. But this stuff I'm showing you here is very basic.
So instead of trying to sell books of magick rites, I try to teach principles and essential ideas BELOW the practice or formulas themselves. I want you to learn how the tools WORK, before you pick them up and try to paint with them.
Sadly, too many occultists just pick up the brush of knowledge they find in a book, in a clumsy fist, and go around daubing spiritual paint on everything and wonder why nothing works or why their arte is so messed up. That path is long and slow and risky.

So I'm not here trying to teach you to draw Kermit the frog, I'm here tyring to entertain you with instruction on how I view the fundamental philosophy of all art itself, and how the tools work that you use. So that you can understand WHY you are drawing Kermit the frog, and WHY you hold the brush the way you do.

If you are looking for more mechanical, formula, and technique related knowledge, I feel there are much better occultists out there for that than me. I am, after all, just a Dark Mystic and old school chaote only now working his way through his first real grimoire. trying to help some of you struggling with these basics learn the tools you need to do the rest on your own.

The mystic always tends to shy away from the specific expression and focus on the source and reason for the expression. I am no different.

Thank you for reading.



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