A day in the life of the ordinary - the slow Magick day.

One of the things about returning to, or beginning an occult practice that can be rough is the mix of obsession and normalcy.

Obsession, encouraged by amazing experiences, synchronicity and utterly mind-blowing experiences.

Normalcy, encouraged by failure to do smaller things in your practice, and everyday struggles of real life outside the ritual circle.

This Yin and Yang of extremes can be a pain in the ass at first, because when you get that taste of the possibilities and the communion with beings like the OLD ONES, or any other supernatural force, or even the sensation of peaceful enlightenment you might find in Zen... It can be borderline AGONY to not experience this constantly all day long.

When I did my Initiation with Nyarlathotep, I wasn't sure what to expect, and little did I realize just how powerful my experience had been until tonight as I sit here thinking about how basic and mundane my day was today.  I won't say I had no insights or anything, but it was just so... Blah.

I watched some videos of people talking about their experiences with evoking spirits and was happy to see my experiences were validated a little more.  Again, you have to remember, I never explored the occult in the modern age of internet and instant access to the opinions of experienced practitioners.

For me, everything I know is intuitive, based on Zen/Chan,  Some Joseph Campell, A touch of Carl Jung, or gleaned from reading a few (3 or 4) books back in the 90s.

The biggest reason some active practitioners get frustrated is that they don't recognize the signs of "activity" for what they are.  Because this activity so often manifests itself as easily explained mundane phenomenon, or even psychological illness or hallucination... IE purely personal experiences, IT can be very hard to test and or prove to anyone, including yourself.

Some examples -

  • The wisps of the smoke off your incense appear to be moving to a part of the room despite having no windows open or any moving air?  
  • Feel like something is watching you?
  • See things in the corner of your eye?
  • Strange smells?
  • Subsonic sounds (things you hear but can't place, or are so low in volume you can't really make them out, like voices in the walls, or laughter or speech in the wind as if from people talking where nobody is).   
  • Sudden weather or wind phenomenon. 
  • Animal behavior. 
  • Chills or waves of shuddering when you normally don't get them
  • Clear Visions spontaneously appearing in your mind's eye (especially if you are like me and struggle to visualize normally). 
  • sudden inspiration or sudden insight

That last one is in bold because it is the MOST powerful, important, and personal form of proof you will ever have, in fact, every single one of the signs I mentioned can be utterly useless without an element of Synchronicity, and utterly undeniable as proof to yourself at least (not others so much) if they are accompanied by synchronicity in some way.

Remember Synchronicity isn't just coincidence.  That happens all the time and goes mostly unnoticed, or noticed but doesn't impact you really beyond a shrug and a smile.

Real Synchronicity is utterly unmistakable, and once you start knowing when it's happening, especially if you know why (a recent evocation or sigil working), it's life-altering.  NEVER IGNORE IT.  Just don't assume too much, let your intuition do its thing, don't try to reason it out or the magick will go away.  Even if you never come to any conclusion, the act of doing this shuts down the connection somehow.  Just follow it with off-center attention.  Just intuitively do what you know you must do.

Just like walking a dimly lit path at night, looking directly at the path will blind you... you need to look just off center at the path, using the edge of your central vision to see clearly, letting more light fall onto the dark sensitive parts of your eyes. (due to the density of rod and cone cells in your eyes, not cuz of spooky shadow magick).

If you stare too intently at the magickal, at least if you are starting out, you will often drop right out of the vibe, and go psychically night blind.

Exceptions abound, but I never met one when it comes to this rule.  Often this is why people can get a bit nutty, and obsessed.  Because they know what they felt or saw was real, but can't get it to happen again... they are trying too hard.

So, while there are many of practitioners out there who claim physical manifestations of their evocations or miraculous workings,  the vast majority of people will never experience that, or if they do, it's still clearly a personal thing only witnessed by you or those with the same gifts in attendance.  If you ever see a spirit appear in smoke or flame, know that, like a shape in a cloud, not everyone will always see it the same, but if you DO see it, and others do too... Well... you will never forget it.

When I was working on the rite to Nyarlathotep I had experienced nearly every single sign-on that list in the span of 7 days, almost hourly during the slow parts, and literally every minute during the busy times.

The last BIG one was a pair of Ravens checking me out, these bad boys were over 5-foot wingspan, and we NEVER see Ravens here, Crows sometimes, but never Ravens.

I have had Ravens and crows on the brain a lot lately, collecting Raven statues... It got to the point where I remember thinking passively after the first Rite with Nyarlathotep, that it would be cool if he sent me a message via Raven somehow.

Where those Ravens part of the mystical magical evocation etc?

Or was it just a coincidence.

Just like in the movie signs...

People break down into two groups. When they experience something lucky, group number one sees it as more than luck, more than coincidence. They see it as a sign, evidence, that there is someone up there, watching out for them. Group number two sees it as just pure luck. Just a happy turn of chance.

I guess I'm just a "Magical thinker" as Neil deGrasse Tyson would call me.

However, the IRONY here is, a month or 2 ago, had you told me I'd be here writing a blog about occult experiences, and was actively working with a book that claims to allow you to summon "old ones" that inspired Lovecraft in dreams as a medium might do in any other demonic origin story...

Well... I'd have laughed, and probably mocked you, and said I would never be so stupid ever again.

Yet here I am.

It feels SO damn good. And so wicked at the same time.

Like when you find a porn mag for the first time and sneak a wank with it, and hide it somewhere for later...
Like when you smoke that first joint with the cool kids.
Like that first time to carry a concealed handgun in public and feel like John Wick or Jason Borne.

But better... you strut, you stop letting life manipulate you, and you start looking at everything with new eyes.  you run your hands over your crystal collection on the shelf and can feel that pull again...

You bury your nose in those dusty books looking for the correlations between the various occult sources, and You find yourself in the process...

So what is the big deal about these slow magick days?

They are important too.  We need balance in life, we need a few days to play with our kids, keep our jobs, and forget for a minute we are working with cosmic horrors and beings of supreme light... forget we are those beings and come back down to earth and wash our laundry with soap... not just moonlight and ritual drawn blood.

Without these mundane days, those minutes of sublime "activity" and synchronicity would mean less than ever before.

Because those experiences would become Mundane... and the minute magick or Evocation, or black magick or any magick feels MUNDANE is the minute you crossed over from a true sorcerer or demonologist or dark mystic, and have become just another religious fools going through the motions of an elaborate superstitious mumbo-jumbo...

When that happens the magick is gone... and with it, you.

Mind the Shadows - D.H. Thorne


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