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TABLE OF CONTENTS - Foreword 09-10-18

"A beginning is a very delicate time. " - Frank Herbert

There is a TABLE OF CONTENTS Below, where I will link important or sequential stories and posts. Not ALL posts, just the better more important ones, PLEASE utilize this if the archive feature is too much of a PITA.

Now for the intro:

I want to make one thing abundantly clear - This blog is intended to be Entertainment first, or at least this is how I want you ALL to treat it.  It doesn't matter if everything I say in this blog is my true opinion or is an account of a real event, I want YOU to read it as if it's just something to entertain you, to tickle your mind, and make you think.  I want you to treat anything on this blog you don't understand as a story.  A form of live action make-believe. A Tale to be told around a campfire, or read in the safety of your comfy clothes in your living room.  Take nothing I say seriously, and just wonder for the fun of it, if what I am saying is true.   I plan on freely ex…

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